What if gen2 isn't "biomechanical"?

So what if the gen2 species aren't biomechanical?
Plot twist!
Like really what does this mean for us? If their aren't biomechanical thay can be either organic or fully mechanical (pretty much like HF...)
So what do you think guys?

That's what you meant by:

Umm, I think we have a topic for this, lemme check...
Edit: I believe I found it:

Well they do have children, so unless they 'build' the new protectors from parts I think they're biomechanical.


I'd honestly prefer this, just so it would keep some controversies from happening.

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If the species in the Okotoverse are not biomechanical, then I believe that they are either cyborgs or anthropods (insects, spiders, crabs, etc.).


I don't see why they would not be. That was the cool part of BIONICLE: Beings who work like humans but are mechanical with muscles and tissues that overall makes them an even more complex and strange being.

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The story is simplified so I think they are going to remove all aspects that children won't understand...

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That would not make sense. LEGO has already kept terms like Toa and such... I'm sure kids could understand that these guys are robots with organs and such.


I honestly hope they're just organic with armor. I much prefer that style .

I understood the biomechanical thing when I was 7 :P.

I didn't even know they were biomechanical until this year.

I doubt it was prominent enough to matter.

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If they aren't biomechanical, then they aren't biomechanical. Not a big deal to me.

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I understood Biomechanical as a child. Not so hard to understand once you realize that you're mixing life and robots together. Coolest frigging thing ever.

Well I started off thinking they were robots. When I found out that they were biomechanical, it just made the whole universe so much more... awesome.

And I dislike the notion that everything made for children (especially something like Bionicle) should ever be made stupidly simple. Children aren't stupid, in fact, they're the most curious humans on the entire planet. If we tease them more material, they will want to find out more. It's all about making things easier to understand. That shouldn't be mistaken with making it too simple.

I do guess it helped that the old Bionicle aesthetic helped to sell the biomechanical aspect of it a lot. The elements mixed with robotic bodies, the way the characters moved in commercials, the Bohrok hives, the characters living at peace with their environments, how the landscape looked natural, etc.


I wouldn't mind if LEGO added some complexity to the G2 story line. Not too much, but not too little. Just right for the target audience. I thought it was pretty cool when LEGO introduced alternate universes, a concept that could be confusing, to the BIONICLE story.


What if they just leave it undefined? Wasn't one of G2's biggest claims to fame it's return to BIONICLE mystical, no-explanation-given roots?

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