What if HF had System sets?

This just came in my head out of nowhere… But what if Hero Factory had system sets? Like the system sets that Bionicle got. They would have used the Invasion from Below minifigures, and a lot of cool sets could actually have came out. Most likely a Hero Factory itself playset. The tallest building in Macro Hero City, in System form. Wouldn’t that have been cool? Don’t tell me it would have not. I don’t know about other playsets, but this could have been a Huge Direct to Consumer set, like the Temple of Airjitzu from Ninjago. It could have included all Heroes (maybe even those who did not came out in Invasion from Below) and other characters that work there, such as Zib (I wanted this character to be in a set, system or constraction so badly, but we never got him…) And possibly even Mr. Mukuro (spelling) , so much that could have been included… But we can just dream, unfortunately…
Anyways, what do you think? Could a few system Hero Factory sets have worked?


Hero Factory was never meant to be a System Set, just like Bionicle was never meant to be one. If there would actually be System HF sets, then most probably they would be temporally and relatively poorly made, just like the Bionicle ones.


I would say the Invasion from Below was Lego’s version of a system series…
Especially since the line is clearly dead.


Not really. Sure, they had minifigures, but they were 100% constraction, haveing so actual system sets.

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Like I said, it was kind of their version. Seeing as the line is no longer active, it’s the closest we’re gonna get.

I still would have liked a good HF playset. It may be an unpopular opinion, but I think the Bionicle playsets were pretty cool.

Constraction was really Hero Factory’s only draw. I feel like if you took that away, it would have done even worse. They’d lose the whole “build a hero” gimmick.


I say if it had like 2 or 3 system sets, like Bionicle

Bionicle definitely had more than 2 or 3 system sets. Off the top of my head, they produced 8 sets that are classified under playset.


I think, theoretically that could’ve been cool. As has been stated though, it’s quite possible that they’d be a bit hit and miss.