What If... Inika but Nuva?

In a universe where BIONICLE waves gets smaller and less impressive with every year…

Most people by this point probably know that when Matoran are transformed into Toa, they turn into what they think a Toa looks like. Many also probably know the oft-repeated refrain of “Well the Inika didn’t turn out like the Nuva because they were transformed by the Red Star.” And that got me wondering: what would the Inika look like if they had Mata/Nuva builds? I’ve seen plenty of Inika-build Nuvas before, but never the reverse. I’m sure they exist, but I’ve never personally seen them. So I made 'em myself.

There’s really not that much to talk about with them, although I do have individual comments for them. Also, I would’ve given them all their Inika masks, but as far as I’m aware, only the Calix is in any of the Stud.io packs, so the Nuva masks are serving as substitutes.

While building him, I was initially surprised by how much he resembled Lhikan. …Then I took a step back and realized he really doesn’t. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Nonetheless I like how he came out. The Kopaka Mata blade was a natural choice for its curved resemblance to Jaller’s sword.

The only thing I’d change for Matoro would be the blade piece. I would’ve preferred one of the Knights Kingdom swords, but again, I’m not aware of any Stud.io packs that actually carry Knights Kingdom pieces at the moment.

I’m really surprised how much I like the gunmetal-keetorange combination on the Mata body. I almost think it looks better here than on the actual set. In-person it’d probably be a different story though.

Only thing I have to say for Hahli is that the Panrahk staff was chosen due to its point resembling that of a harpoon spear tip. :woman_shrugging:

Another innocuous build, the only thing I have to say for Kongu is that if I have occasion to touch on these again, I’d probably change the spear to be Kurahk’s instead. The outline of that looks more like Kongu’s actual crossbow piece.

And last but not least, Nuparu. His back isn’t elegant, but it’s definitely functional. His drill was fun to design though!

Aaaaand… that’s it. Nothing too crazy here, but it was a fun thought experiment. C&C away!


Hehe… nice.

Very fun weapon choices and actually digging the translucent mata heads

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These sure are interesting, I’ll say that. :grinning:

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Thanks! I’m rather fond of those as well. I’m half surprised LEGO didn’t do it once (although I’d be a bit apprehensive of attaching an eye piece to it). Thought it got the “pulsating with Red Star energy” across well enough.

:laughing: Thank you!


Despite being used as stand-ins the nuva masks actually don’t look out of place next to the one inika mask. Though now that I think about it both nuva and inika went for the “organic” look more than any of the other waves.


I love these! Why did you only give Jaller his real mask though?