What If It Had Never Happened?

How would your life, LEGO, and even the world be different/better/worse if BIONICLE had never existed?


None of us would be here, and I would probably be playing Smash Bros right about now.


I'd have the whole 2007 wave of star wars, had Bionicle not happened.


Galidor would have gone unchallenged and become the theme that saved Lego.


If that happened LEGO would get closer to death but would be saved by Knights Kingdom. stuck_out_tongue

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My original IP would have become public right about now, and I would be MOCing either with System or a dramatically different mesh of constraction systems. (Bio G1/CCBS)


Well, if BIONICLE had never existed, I'd have never gotten into LEGO, I would have either been extremely bored or found a different hobby; I would have never joined any online community to write, and, as a result, I probably would have started communing with others online starting just last year.

BIONICLE has been a large part of my life, and I'm very thankful for it's original run, and now for it's return.


my life would be with Transformers if Bionicle was never around


I would have the every set from the second year of Knights Kingdom II stuck_out_tongue

Without a perfect medium to flesh out my writing style, my grammar lessons would be wasted stuck_out_tongue

I would be enjoying the few plastic bricks from a company that had lost it a decade ago.

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I'd have a lot more money.


If Bionicle never existed, I would be completely different. I cannot say it enough: BIONICLE SHAPED MY ENTIRE CHILDHOOD AND MADE ME WHO I AM TODAY.


There may be no more LEGO. They might have gone bankrupt and shut down.

Actually Star Wars was helping, they got a new guy to help run things and he reduced some extra expenses, and they would have probably have come out with a different ip.

Please...please no...

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I'm actually playing smash bros right now stuck_out_tongue

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If this never happened, I'd probably fanboy over Mega Bloks.

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I'd be a big Lego Star Wars fan, possibly a writer. Also, this calls for a fanfiction. I'll get right to it!

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I would be sitting at my computer.

Wait a minute......

(in actuality I'd probably be at my computer)

(wait a minute....)


If BIONICLE had never happened, I'd assume this message board wouldn't exist and a lot of the friendships I've made in the BIONICLE community wouldn't exist and I wouldn't have spent so many hours trying in futility to complete MNOGII....