What if superheroes were real?

Admit it: at some point, you’ve wondered what it would be like to have superpowers of your own. It could be anything-invisibility, telekinesis, mind-reading, super strength, flight. No doubt these things would help us in our daily lives, and maybe even give us an edge in fighting crime.

But what would the world think if there were real superheroes?

With a superhero like Batman or Iron Man, there’d probably be a lot of negative opinions. Since neither of those people are cops, they would be, essentially, vigilantes, and therefore criminals themselves. (Tony Stark is lucky that he’s rich…) But what about someone whose powers could wipe out the human race, a la Superman? Something like that would, I think, be very controversial. People would be scared, and the government would be trying to snuff him out. But then again, this might make the superhero spiteful towards the world, and then maybe he’d become a supervillain.

I dunno, what do you guys think? How do you think the world would be different if superheroes were real?

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Spider-Man Homecoming did a pretty good job of exploring the concept of a society where Super Heroes are real. I am pretty sure having Super Heroes in the real world would be pretty similar to what is presented in that movie.

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Real life is already so dang stressful, this might as well happen.
Honestly, as much as I love the idea of Superheroes, they cause a frick ton of destruction and I feel like regulation would pass on restricting them almost globally, I feel like it would be something most people in the public would agree on.

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You mean they aren’t?

I think it’s simple. Half the world would be Ned Leeds, and the other half J. Jonah Jameson. And probably some government officials who want to use super humans as weapons.

The world would have a much more hopeful outlook, it is reassuring to think of stronger beings taking care of us

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If superheroes are real, then that poses the risk of people using their powers for evil.

It’d be chaotic at the least.

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If they existed since the dawn of time the world would be much different. At some point someone with superpowers would have become a conquerer and led a corrupt government. I’d imagine people would think of them as gods and that would probably stick around for the modern day. The world would be a lot different.


Simple. We’d have been all dead by now.


a study was done about Batman, and being Batman would kill any human.

Theoretically, if someone didn’t die, I have a feeling it’d look like the Dark Knight trilogy.

Well, since Spider-Man’s powers aren’t capable of wiping out the human race, I don’t think there’d be THAT much fear. Sure, he’d be seen as a vigilante, but if supervillains existed as well, and Spider-Man was using his powers to fight them, then that might be beneficial to his reputation.

I think it would be a mix of these two.

You mean with all the jumps, falls, fights, and general beat-ups? I guess, when you think about it, that is believable.

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I think the just mental pressure and physical conditioning would kill you, but if not you’re right

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The question is, do the villains bring about the heroes, or the heroes bring about the villains?

It’s been used in several films, namely Captain America: Civil War. “Our (superheroes) very existence incites challenge, challenge leads to conflict, and conflict… catastrophe” (or something like that).

If you have someone placed on an altar, others are going to reach for that altar, to either tear that person down or take his/her place. If there were heroes, there will need to be villains, and visa versa.

My personal question is, in real-world superheroes, what would the costumes look like? Would they be logical, armor-based super suits, or wonky comic-book stuff?


Probably this.