What if Teridax's "Matoran Plan" worked?

You know…likhan dying before giving matoran those “toa” stones, or vakama turning dark, joining makuta… let your creativity work! Make theories! Do it!


The only thing Teridax could possibly have done to make his plan work any better than it did would be to launch the Mask of Life out of his body at a different angle.

The Makuta was a mastermind. He was manipulating every event to his on gain, and in the end, he succeeded. Really the only things that were vital importance to the plan were the Mask of Life and Karda Nui – everything else was disposable, he didn’t need to win anything there.


I think the most logical way this could have happened would be if the Toa, so new and untrained, had fallen short. Whether they reacted a split second too slow, or they missed a target, there are many ways that they could’ve failed. The best one I can think of would be Nokama and the kikanalo horde. If Nokama hadn’t understood what was happening, or if she was a bit to late in realizing, those three would’ve been trampled at the very least, they would have no way to find Lhikan and the others in the Vahki dungeon.

I think that Makuta’s plan couldn’t have worked if the Toa Metru failed. His ultimate goal was to take over the robot body, not just to rule over Metru Nui. He probably would’ve summoned the Toa Mata himself (or force Takua to) and yeah. I need to write this all down in a Google Doc, hold on a sec.

Okay, so had Lhikan died before giving Vakama and the others the stones, well…That wouldn’t be according to plan, as he knew that Vakama couldn’t make the mask without the disks. So I assume.

I believe that Teridax’s plan would’ve worked properly if, at the great barrier, he had defeated Vakama and secured the Mask of Time. From there, he could’ve used it’s slow powers to easily take care of him and the other Metru.

Then he would’ve sped up the Matoran Amnesia and Wake Up Process, granting him Metru Nui.

From there, the Brotherhood would’ve tackled the other major islands, and Teridax would release the Mata into the Codrex after putting Mata-Nui’s spirit somewhere else, in some vessel, and then taking over, allowing himself to be revived.

With the inhabitants of Metru Nui on his side, and with his own magnified armys bolstered by his own powers, the Core Processor would’ve been better protected, and final victory and rulership secured.


My theory is the basis of the 1984 RP.

Theory: It did work, and the Matoran ending up on Mata Nui followed by the end of the world as they know it, followed by things getting even worse in the serials, was all a dream meant to indoctrinate them into accepting the Makuta as their true ruler. The abrupt end of the story is the point where the Matoran all wake up, or are shown a different reality, or whatever.