What If The Ninja Became Sensei?

A long time ago, when the Lego Message Boards were still a thing, someone posted their ideas for Ninjago 2013. This was shortly after the 2012 premise was first announced…in late 2011. Someone responded to the topic with “We’re really getting ahead of ourselves, aren’t we? It’s not even 2012 yet and we’re already talking about 2013?” Anyway, part of the person’s pitch was that Sensei Wu was really old and retired, and the ninja had to become sensei themselves.

Obviously, this did not happen in real 2013…or any year since. But I still think it’s an interesting idea: Kai, Cole, Jay, and Zane having to take up the mantle of teachers. Sure, they trained Lloyd in Season 2, but on that occasion, they were all sharing the teacher role, and Sensei Wu was still presiding over them anyway. If the ninja became full-on teachers, then that would be…interesting?

Perhaps each of the ninja would have their own apprentice, or set of apprentices? Maybe they’d each teach their own power (Kai would only teach fire, Cole would only teach earth, etc.)? That could be interesting…


I think the Ninja becoming Sensei themselves and training a new generation of Ninja could be a perfect ending for the Ninjago story. If that doesn’t happen, I’ll be very disappointed.


I agree with LegoDavid that that would be a perfect ending, but I frankly think that by the time Lego has milked out every last cent it can from Ninjago, it’ll be too much of a monstrosity for me to even care anymore. I kinda wish it had ended with the pirates one.


That, and maybe they could all settle down with their true loves. Kai with Skylor, Jay with Nya, Zane with PIXAL, maybe Cole with Vania, and Lloyd…well, hopefully he’ll be able to find the one. Maybe Harumi could somehow come back as a good guy, or Akita could come to Ninjago, or he could find someone new entirely.

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