What if this is a continuation?

basically, if this was a continuation, what do you think the story would be like (using the new sets), I would like to see everyone's ideas

EDIT: So here is what I would want to see though this is more along the lines of a soft reboot

Velika has vanished (for now) and there has been an everlasting peace on Spheres Magna, the Toa Nuva have upgraded their armor yet again. The matoran have been noticing disturbances such as small creatures they have called skull spiders attacking from small rafts and from underwater. The Toa decide to go and investigate as they are becoming more of a problem which leads them to the island of Okoto where they find more of the great being creations. New villagers and their chiefs called the protectors who were made as prototype toa but were long abandoned. that's all I got for now


I'm pretty sure there's already a topic like this

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I don't think so...

This topic is about...
What if it was and how it could happen to be.

Edit: It's totally a continuation... and here's how! >:}

The masters are the Toa from the past and they came to Okoto because of the Vahi.
Apparently, Makuta summoned them to save him from his slumber and help him defeat Ekimu.
But, the Masters learn what's up and stop Makuta.
Then everyone retires and plays water polo.

I suspect the Vahi will be the door to this being a continuation.

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I would think it would be about Velika and his minions vs Angonce and his allies.
I think the sets would be mainly centered around the Great Beings.

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Makuta summoning Toa for his own gain is so 2008.


no I think that's the joke topic

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