What if voriki was cannon

So here is a thought experiment, what if in 2001 there wasn’t 6 but 7 toa, Tahu, Kopaka, Gali, Pohatu, Onua, Lewa and Voriki. What if there was 7 villages in Mata-nui. How would the story have changed if Voriki was always there as a Toa.

Somethings shouldn’t change about the original story.

Takanuva should still exist and join the Toa Nuva, same for the Inika.

The Toa Metru, Toa Inika and Toa Hagah would have a seventh toa of ligthnig.

Leave any ideas, mocs or art bellow on how would a G1 Vo-korro could look how a G2 region of lightning could look, how would Vo-matoran look and do, how would Vo-wahi or Vo-metru look.


The Toa Kaita would be unbalanced.
Unless they made a Toa Nui…
runs off to make a 7 Toa Nui with voriki


For one thing, I’m imagining all the original Toa having to collect and wear Voriki’s mask.
It’s not a pretty sight.

That aside, the Inika “energy” gimmick would have to change (because that’s basically his element already) and Tahnok-Kal wouldn’t have had lightning powers, most probably.

So I would predict either the “secondary” elements never becoming cannon, or two new ones (for Tahnok-Kal and Vorikibohrok-Kal) instead.

Metru-Nui would also need a purple distric that manages power or something (which would actually be pretty epic imo)


Tahnok-Kal and Vorikibohrok-Kal (or Vohnok probably) would be wind , iron or plantlife/nature because those where the elements we did’t get for bohrok (not counting light and shadow because they are special)

The lightning toa inika can have an ark about being useless.

@Racie02 yeah we got a matoran and turaga nui but anot a toa nui



He would be pretty explosive, then.

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I propose the Inika having a radiation gimmick in that case. Works for other franchises.[quote=“Bremace, post:4, topic:51325”]
wind , iron or plantlife/nature because those where the elements we did’t get for bohrok

If they decided to discard wind for acid for the regular Bohrok, I don’t see them using it for the Kal. I could see the story team adding two entirely different elements that would have been integrated into the story later… the aforementioned radiation perhaps. Plantlife especially doesn’t feel like it would fit with the other Toa’s powers.


We would’ve gotten an old purple mata torso and feet. Old purple would’ve been a mask pack color for great kanohi. Voriki would’ve gotten a turaga and a mctoran for his village. The seventh turaga may have used sand purple, meaning we would have gotten another mask pack color for noble kanohi. The mctoran would have introduced a one off color too, possibly dark pink, making it the only bionicle set to use pink. There is the possibility we would’ve got an alternate colorscheme for onepu with old purple already being taken. The bohrok, bohrok va, bohrok kal, and rahkshi all would’ve had purple sets.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter because the purples are extremely underdeveloped when it comes to constraction parts, adding voriki would be silly. Lego is expanding the pool of useful system elements in colors like yellow, dark orange, magenta, sand green, and dark azure to such an extent now that asking for more purple is ridiculous. Heck, magenta is close enough to old purple that you might as well use that to moc voriki.


But if we did get Voriki we would get more purple parts since that’s his color.

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I think that Voriki’s mask would look WAY different from a Pakari with five points. As for his weapons…I have no idea. His color scheme would be blue and white. And he’d fit pretty well within the Toa Inika.

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Of course - the Voriki leak had to make do with images that already existed. A canon Voriki - assuming that Voriki existed from the start - would of course have a custom molded mask, like all the other Toa.

One thing I just realized - since the original post goes by “7 of everything instead of 6” logic - The Suva from the Mata canisters would have had seven equally spaced holes instead of six, and to my knowledge might be the only LEGO piece that allows you to built at an angle of… (checks calulator)… 51.43 degrees.


While I was searching for Voriki images, I found this concept of a purple Bohrok tribe someone made.


I love it.

A blue and white Inika…It’s Hahli!