What if

…something never happened?

Theory time kinnda thing i guess :smile_cat:
let me start…

What if Greg Farshtey never made books about story, but someone other did them?


What if the gender-thing wasn’t a biological rule in canon?

We’d only see trope-breaking characters outside set form, no doubt


What if the barraki killed makuta?
AWESOMENESS!!! Although it would suck not seeing them in their mutated form…

Starts singing

What if there was no light?
Nothing wrong, nothing right?


I’ve mentioned this somewhere a long time ago, but I’ll bring it up here: what if we didn’t know about the Great Beings, and were left to speculate on the origin and purpose of everything?


What if…Kopaka didn’t slip?


Then Tahu would not have POWAaaaaaa… coughs -er


What If Deadpool Random Appears in the Matoran Universe?

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What if love was still canon?


What if the Ga-/Ce-/Vo-Matoran were all male and the rest of the Matoran types were female? Meaning all of the characters would be gender swapped.


What if protodermis was actually milk?


It would likely depend on who did write them, then.
I want to live in a universe where Christopher Nolan wrote Bionicle.

Bionicle would be more mysterious, but even more inconclusive; fans may eventually get frustrated. Fanfics would also be more wild without that knowledge, coming up with some crazy alternate backstories.

World Peace would clearly have been established, and all ilnesses cured, for that to happen.
Actually, we would probably just get some more vague hints at Hewkii/Macku, and Greg would be (slightly) less mocked by the fandom.

Different pronouns would be used to refer to the characters.

Here’s mine: What if Nova Orbis had been canonized and made as G2, with Nickon as the story head?


You would need a ton of new pieces.

What if Slizers was a BIONICLE prequel?


What if the toa mata never came to Mata Nui and continued drifting?

What if Lewa and Gali were actual siblings or even twins, not just on the same Toa Team.

(Those two always reminded me of the greek twins Apollo and Artemis. They seemed to hang out a lot and even had a signature combo move; lightning.)

Besides that, what if Matoran from any village could be male or female?

what if the Vahi never came to existence?

What if the Piraka successfully attained the mask of life?

What is the shattering created the “Okotoverse”.

What if the world burned? :expressionless:

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What if the Empire Universe took the role of the prime MU, and we were given sets and story serials based around that universe?

What if Takanuva had never interfered in the Empire?

I love the Empire.

What if, as soon as the Great Beings made Takua, a rock fell on him and killed him?

The Matoran would have fallen to Makuta’s rule, and he would have picked six of them to awaken Mata Nui in place of the Toa Mata. Meanwhile, the real Toa Mata soon died, except Lewa, who wound up on Voya Nui and wound up really screwing up Makuta’s plans later on.