What infinity gem/stone would you use?

so here is a question, if you could use one infinity gem (or stone in the movies) which would it be? and why?

Notes: Thanos will not come after you, no you cannot use the infinity gauntlet, and no you cannot use the reality gem to wish you had the other gems

EDIT: new rule

no you cannot use other devices to get the rest of the stones/gems

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I'd use the mind gem tbh.

Psychic/Mind powers are pretty darn useful.


The Reality Gem of course. Then I could bend the universe to my will.

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power gem. power.

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I would want the time gem to control time.

what are infinity gems?


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Space gem, as with it, I can make the PINK FLUFFY UNIVERSE! Mua-ha-ha-ha-ha no.

I would totally have Time, so I could bring dinosaurs to the present, and kill everyone with them, so I could rule the world. :\

Actually it's the reality stone that could do that.

I can warp space.
Allows the user to exist in any or all locations, move any object anywhere throughout reality and warp or rearrange space. At full potential it grants Omnipresence. (Right off Wikipedia)

Reality stone would still do the job better

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I don't care, Watermelon. Yes, this again stuck_out_tongue

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I would say the Rhythm Gem.
Even though it's just a ploy made by Loki.

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I will used the Time Gem for going back in time.

Nobody has said Soul?




I would take the soul stone.
I could steal people's souls and use them as stands.
That would be awesome.

I would use the Reality Stone, and use it to give me a completed Infinity Gauntlet. stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes

Read the rules at the first post.

Hmm..... Although with "Paradox" you would think of Time, I think the Aether/Reality Gem or Mind Gem would be what I want. Reality seems so OP, so I want it and I don't want to be generic and go for OP stuff (No, I'm not a hipster). Mind gem is cool because Psionics!

Alright guys I think I won.
1. Get reality stone
3. Open portal to negative zone.
2. Gather a cosmic cube from the negative zone.
3. Wish for the complete gauntlet.
4. Done.

And before you say I'm breaking the rules...

Nothing was said about using the gem to get a cosmic cube and then wishing for the gauntlet.