What is EKIMUs power with his translucent mask

we know that the protectors have a translucent part of his mask because it shows that they have elemental power, but ekimu does not have a specific elemental power also we don't know who made/created that mask it could possibly be makuta though most likely ekimu made it so what do you think?


It's the mask of nothingness. It does nothing, but it does nothing better than anything else.
Seriously though, according to LEGO.com, it's just a mask, nothing more.


but remember that lego.com does not explain everything as example protector names

I gave it the duty of keeping Ekimu alive in my short story


Ya, but they do explain the masks.

but why would it have translucent blue that signifies that something is being taken or that there is some sort of power too it

do the Protector masks have power? no. Is something being taken from them? no. do they have translucent colors? yes. Do some have translucent blue? yes.

this is taken straight from legos website

The Protectors wear sacred Elemental Masks

here is link

If I carve a flame into a shield, I can call it an elemental shield. but that doesn't mean it can shoot a fireball.


Cal. It's been confirmed the Protectors have loose control over the elements.
For awhile...


Because LEGO doesn't want to make a single coloured mask of a mask designed for dual colours in a set that already features an extremely detailed mask.

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His power is not dying. Like a Mask of Stasis. (headcanon)

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I'm under the impression that Ekimu's mask does nothing, as when it was given to him he was "dead". Just something to honor him.


I believe the mask is merely ornamental, as it is the mask the protectors placed on his dead body when he deaded all over his dead.


Since Ekimu didn't create the Mask of Creation himself (confirmed at comicon) maybe this was Ekimu's attempt at remaking the Mask of Creation. he may have tried to recreate it using his standerd sacred mask form (protector mask). It may, like the protectors (Narmoto making fire works from his hand), hold elemental powers just not as powerful as the golden masks.


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Just so it's clear, the colors on the protector masks are meant to convey their elemental energy. Earth is represented by tr. purple, Jungle is represented by tr. br. green, Stone is represented by Tr. Fl. green, Fire is represented by tr. yellow, Water is represented by tr. blue, and Ice is represented by Tr. L. Blue.

Why is it on Ekimu then? Because it went with his color scheme and makes the mask even more awesome to have.


Yeah, maybe it is just a mask that they have tons of, heck, it may be kinda like something that they believe he will need in the afterlife. kinda like ancient Egypt.

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It might be like the copper masks of victory, powerless and just for ornamental purposes of being for display...

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I mean, the thing you have to remember was the Protectors thought both Makuta and Ekimu were dead. I really doubt they would have wasted one of their now limited number of powered masks (as they no longer have Mask Makers) on what they believed to be a corpse.

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Very much like faraos got golden masks as they were buried, Ekimu got his when we was also pressumed dead and locked in his tomb, so I am assuming it's just a piece of gold. Although I have no idea what the transparant blue should resemble.