What is G3 Mata Nui? (Poll)

This topic is meant to be sort of a prelude to another topic I had in mind about the mythos of G3. However it quickly became apparent that I wan't sure what name's to use for the island and great spirit. I will present my idea for the mythology sometime tomorrow in a new topic, using the most popular names from this poll.

(Update) That topic is now up and titled: G3 Spirits and their role in the 3 year plan.


  • Island of Mata Nui and Spirit of Mata Nui
  • Island of Okoto and Spirit of Mata Nui
  • Island of Okoto and Spirit of Ekimu
  • Island of Mata Nui and spirit of Ekimu
  • Other (Please specify)


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I voted "Other". This is for a couple reasons.

Firstly, I'd rather have an island with either a brand new name, or a name that's some referential amalgamation (i.e. the previously suggested "Okoto Nui" or "Koto Nui").

Secondly, I and others liked the idea of having a trio of "Great Spirits" being responsible for the creation of the world (or, the world as the Matoran of the island know it; not necessarily the entire universe). A trinity works for Christianity and it works for The Legend of Zelda, so I think it would work here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course, TTV has stated they already have a religion planned out, so I doubt my ideas will last long.

The trio would be brothers: the Spirit of Unity, the Spirit of Duty, and the Spirit of Destiny. They created the world using their Legendary Kanohi Masks of Creation, Life, and Time.

This would be why the Matoran honor Unity, Duty, and Destiny in G3 - because these virtues represent their creators and the effort put into creating their world, which is a pretty big deal.

As far as names go, the obvious approach would be Mata Nui, Makuta, and Ekimu. But I'd be for something different. I'll be including some of these elements in my own pitch.


I could have gone for most of the answers here, but I feel like the island and entity shouldn't share the same name. It's pointlessly confusing; especially when we've been shown a plethora of other options or could easily create our own. (The mentioned "us" not necessarily including myself)

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I feel exactly the opposite. I feel like naming their island in honor of the Great Spirit makes perfect sense.

I reckon we could have multiple islands in future generations. Island of Okoto and Spirit of Ekimu for the latter one after the Island of Mata Nui and the Spirit of Mata Nui


I'd like Mata-Nui again but I'd like it to take inspiration in certain fields from other settings from bionicle.

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I think it's less confusing if the island and the gee-oh-dee have different names. Just one less thing for newcomers to momentarily get hung up on.

I feel that Mata Nui is way too established name for the great spirit, and in any case I don't see a reason to change it.

I also don't think that the island and the spirit sharing the same name would be a problem for the same reasons @Matanui606 mentioned, and Okoto could be reserved for a future island (though i wouldn't mind too much if we had to rename the island).

I'm fine with Mata Nui being the spirit/god/demigod/whatever and Okoto being the island if only for the sake of confusion.

I wouldn't mind Ekimu being included as well in some form. Perhaps as a disciple/acolyte to Mata Nui.

Why not island of Mata Nui and spirit of Okoto? :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally think it would be interesting if Ekimu was an ambassador for the spirit of Mata Nui, the name of the island itself doesn't really matter to me.