What IS MakutaNui?

I was watching some videos recently, and I realized that MakutaNui, the combo model of Makuta, Jaller, and Takua, has no story relevance ever.

I was wondering, what truly IS it? Is it supposed to be a Rahi? Is it Makuta in a shadow form? What IS it?


Sources say two things. From Brickpedia:

“This form was never seen in the storyline, but is simply one of the many that Makuta could take.”


“This model was used to represent Graalok the Ash Bear in the BIONICLE: Maze of Shadows video game, as that character had no official model of its own.”

So, it could be either one of those, really. Most likely the former.


It would have been cool to see more of the makutas’ shapeshifting in action. We know Miserix liked dragons, maybe Teridax had an affinity for ash bears.


That site is almost never right

"Makuta Nui: One of Teridax’s many forms resembled a giant beast. This form was never seen in the storyline, but was simply one of the many forms Teridax could take."

“Teridax’s “Makuta Nui” form did not appear in storyline. However, it was utilized in BIONICLE: Maze of Shadows to represent an Ash Bear enemy.”