What is really considered the Inika Build?

After a couple of months after visiting the thread of whether Inika or CCBS was better and put in my thoughts (inadvertantly creating an argument with CCBS lovers) I started to think "What can be considered "the Inika Build". seeing as how pieces used on Pohatu Mata and the Visorak were reused in Bitil and the Skopio XV1 and the 2001 matoran arms and legs were reused on the mahritoran in 2007. so what is the Inika build and did it really start in 2006 or were the earlier set "Inika" as well? If so, do we need a new new name for the "Inika Build"?

I think the inika build mainly refers to the construction of the actual torso.


hmm. I didn't think of that. something else to muse about while i'm sitting in english class

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Then what about Pohatu Phantoka?

Honestly, I think the Inika build is defined by the leg and arm pieces, as well as the few torso designs.

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What about him?

Take a look at his torso. He's still an Inika build.

Exactly. He has different arms, but the torso is still Inika; thus he is an Inika build. That's what I was saying.

Inika build is defined both by the torso and the fact that the arms are fully based an balljoints, meaning it has no gear movement.


Inika build is:
-Non-function, pre-molded torso.
-Any of these used as upper arms or legs.
-Lower arms/legs can be Metru lower legs, Rahkshi lower legs, Vahki lower legs... basically any single mold lower leg (usually without lateral bicep movement.)
-One or two-piece feet.


I usually think that it's just the arms and legs being the premolded parts, and that the torso just adds to it.

But aren't the CCBS arms and legs premolded too. Because the Inika lower legs have been used as arms too. so what exactly do you mean by premolded parts

Two things.

First of all, the CCBS parts are premolded, but they are of a different system, hence why the Hero sets were called "CCBS Builds," and the Toa of 06 forward were called "The Inika Build." The placement of the limbs doesn't matter, it's just the single part used for a lower or upper limb.

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