What Is the difference between the Staff of Command & the Staff of Suggestion?

Staffs of Command “Fill target’s mind with a single overriding command that is obeyed until the staff’s effect wears off.”

Staffs of Suggestion “Make target more susceptible to suggestion.”

I feel like these kinda do the same thing but are worded differently as the Vahki could suggest a single overriding command when using the staff of suggestion. I can kinda see how they can be different If there was some more information given on the stun staff’s powers.

Also, are these staffs made from Kanoka disks?


My understanding is that the Staff Of Command would force a target to obey the Vahki’s orders, while the Staff Of Suggestion would allow the target to be controlled (to a certain degree) by anyone in the vicinity.

Practically, I would interpret this as meaning that the former was used when the Vahki wanted a Matoran to perform a specific task, while the latter was used when the Vahki simply wanted a Matoran to stop slacking off and do whatever their supervisor tells them to.


My interpretation is that the SoC can only force a target to follow a single command. And they will follow that one command obsessively.

The SoS, on the other hand will compel a target to do whatever they’re told. The target could be given multiple orders or have their original orders cancelled or overridden.


That is correct. Staff of command instructs to do X.
Staff of suggestion opens up the mind for outside influence, so that anyone can tell the target to do A or B etc., but it is not as powerful and overwhelming as staff of command, but more versatile.