What is the font used in the Bionicle Comics?

Does anyone happen to know the font used in the Bionicle comics? I’m referring to the main body of text - like the dialogue bubbles and narration and stuff.

There may be multiple, from different years, too - I haven’t combed through to compare years, or anything.

According to Fonts In Use, it’s a modified version of Goudy Trajan.


Thanks for the help, but I was referring specifically to the comics - the franchise logo is indeed in Trajan, Faber himself said so (and he made that logo). I’m talking about this one:

That font might have been designed in-house by Papercutz because it is also used on a Nancy Drew / Hardy Boys ad at the end of the first Bionicle graphic novel (I have it open in front of me right now).

@ToatapioNuva might know what the font is since he used it in his Motion Comic thumbnails:

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Having read a bunch of Papercutz books from the era, (Nancy Drew, Geronimo Stilton. Yes, I was THAT kid) I can second this. If you can figure out their font, you’re golden.


The graphic novel credits Ken Lopez as the letterer, and apparently he’s still getting work: https://mobile.twitter.com/the_batforce/status/1111794000632168449

I can’t find him on Twitter though, so if he’s on there it’s under a different name. Papercutz.com is no help either.

Edit: If you had asked me a year ago, I would have looked on ComicBookDB.com, but now that site has been shut down without an archive and all that is left to use is the far-inferior Comics.org

According to them, the lettering used in the Bionicle comics is a typeset font. Googling typeset fonts brought me to a Shutterstock list of seven of them, and by my eyes the closest one is Fjord typeface.

Another possibility is “Dupla Bold Italic Commercial Font.”

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Found it. It’s called “WildWords”. They even cite Lego as using it in their catalog, it’s definitely the one.

And I can’t stand when I find someone online who found exactly what I’m looking for and neglected to share it, so on the off case someone else is interested: :stuck_out_tongue:

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I appreciate you posting this here.