What is the funniest moment of your life?

Yes you read the title now you either "A" Answer or "B" You dont. Thanks for reading!:)

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I once got smashed by a Garage Door, over and over again for five minutes. That was funny, I guess.




I watched a guy run around a park on drugs that was fun.

Edit: he was on drugs, not me XD


I drop kicked my friend once.

That was pretty funny.


eyes potato

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I was watching a food fight between some of my friends and another group at lunch and one of my friends threw a kiwi and it splattered all over one of the girls faces. I just remember it dripping off her glasses, then I keeled over in laughter. It was that kind of laugh in which you just ragdoll to the ground. XD


I fell into a koi fish pond once, it was as if everything went into slow motion before I fell in


We had a substitiute teacher once we werent listening to what he was saying so he got up on the table and started walking. The ceiling fan was on and he didnt see it so he hit he's head and he fell of the table and after that the whole class was dying from laughter


I thought maybe either the time I saw someone do the craziest amount of ricochets and scratch three times in a row at pool, or the time I threw a jar at someone in DnD, rolled a crit hit, and the jar turned out to be filled with leeches, but there is only one true answer.

One time I went to a rock climbing camp, and on the way back from the overnight trip, someone sneezed so hard he got a nosebleed. And the nosebleed was really, really bad. We tried to stop it with napkins, wet wipes, and gauze, but the nosebleed just kept on getting worse. One of the counselors finally had an idea though. When we finally got back to camp, his nosebleed had been stopped... by the two tampons stuck up his nose.


The funniest moment of my life was when I went to my new high school and after a couple of weeks I got a friend group, and then I met Quinn and we started the jokes, Quinn can't Aim, Quinn's grades, and Quinn Stole Pills. Now, almost the entire high school is in on it. We always get a good laugh out of them.


I had the same thing happen to me once


Once, I was in a class with a bunch of people two grades below me, and for some reason, the teacher just never showed up. Naturally, it didn't take long for the class to descend into madness since their were no adults. Finally, I gave a half-hearted attempt to try to control everything: I went up to the teacher's desk and declared I was taking command of the class. The entire class actually supported this, I think because they knew I couldn't really make them do anything and didn't bother trying, just made fun of the teacher and pretended to be in control, and people went along with it.

Then a real teacher walked in.


I walked into the classroom, and one of my classmates came up with a shield he had build. I pulled out an imaginary lightsabre, whirled it around while making the "Vnnn" noise, then stabbed at him with it. Then I calmly walked to my seat. By this point the whole class is laughing.


I got attacked by an angry nene @Middlefingerstudios would know what a nene is


In the second grade I dumped a snowball into a girl’s hood at recess time. You don’t wanna mess with me!

Something like this happened JUST NOW! So I thought I should post this so you could have an idea as what JUST HAPPENED