what is the Toa Mangai's fate ?

hi sir, just wondering, is Lhikan’s team, except lhikan and tuyet themselves, all dead by the end of the Spherus Magna arc ?

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Tuyet’s alive.
Lhikan died, but was revived on the Red Star.
Naho and Nidhiki are permadead.
The status of the others is currently unknown.


All the others were sent on various missions they never returned from. They are presumed dead or at the very least captured.

As far as anyone is concerned, Tuyet is the last surviving members of the Mangai.

I like your portmanteau, “permadead” :smiley:

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It’s an RPG term for characters who have died in modes where they only have one life. No checkpoints, no reloading. Once you expire, say hello to the title screen again and prepare to start over from scratch.
Since both were killed in ways which make revival impossible, it seemed fitting to use.


We know that the Toa of Earth is permadead, since it was his Kakama TSO found, meaning Eliminator killed him, meaning he couldn’t be revived. The others were supposedly killed by Eliminator and thus permadead but we don’t know for sure.

Fyi, ARCTrooperAlpha, only Lhikan, Tuyet and Nidhiki remained at the time of Toa Metru, the others having been sent out, along side the chronicler, Kodan, to close the sea gates around Metru Nui, and possibly other missions, to be picked off by Eliminator, a dark hunter hired by Teridax along side Krekka and Nidhiki.


Fair enough.

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um…think we’ve got a hiccup. Tuyet was jailed by the Order of Mata Nui before the Toa-Dark Hunter War; we more or less still have a full team. Makuta didn’t start killing the Mangai until some time afterwards.

As in; still alive. Not in Metru Nui.

ah, I clearly misread. But still, books says that some of their numbers left and had other adventures. Assuming they didn’t come back to Metru Nui later, would Teridax have them hunted down ?

After defeating the Kanohi Dragon, all 11 stayed in Metru Nui, and presumably, were all around when Tuyet was brought down, and after the Dark Hunter War when Nidhiki was exiled. As far as we know; they all died on missions given to them by Teridax at the hands of Eliminator…

Teridax would have had no reason to hunt them down had they left; why would he care about that a Toa Mangai was alive? He simply didn’t want any Toa left in Metru Nui.

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So, all beings with surviving bodies were revived on the Red Star, but only certain beings were sent back to the MU?

The red star stopped sending back Beings after Gaardus returned due to an unknown technical failure, I believe about 70,000 years ago, may be wrong on the time. And only certain beings were able to be returned; Makuta for example could not be

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@darkbrick999: Provided they were intentionally created, biomechanical beings made up of Protodermis by the Great Beings, and their heads were still intact, then yes.

But, as previously pointed out above, some species (Makuta, Krana, Rahkshi, Zyglakk, etc.) were simply not revivable at all.

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