What is this piece

i feel i know it but i can figure it out or something it a 12 stud plate buts thick so can yah comment don below for me

Brick 6222, Round 4 x 4 with 4 Side Pin Holes and Center Axle Hole


Bricklink entry.

Fairly common piece.


thanks do you know those borock eyes are

What about the Bohrok eyes?

oh i’m makeing a project with me my friends and need help finding pieces for it

I… Don’t know what to tell you. The website I linked to is the #1 website for buying lego elements, though most require you to buy in bulk.

If your asking how ti find bohrok eyes, I don’t know how many newer sets use them, but you can brows recent sets and find them.

oh no its fine i found most of them on bricklink but thank you tho plus i found alot there so thank you

Okay! Have fun! I’d be happy to see what you build later, if you wanna put it out for the world to see.

Looks like a Beyblade to me.

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