What is your favorite Bionicle set?

The title should be self-explanatory :stuck_out_tongue: But give overall favorite or sentimental favorite if you wish.

My favorite set I own is probably Vezon and Fenrahk (I probably misspelled that). Vezon is such a zany character and Fenrahk is probably my favorite build, and their the only titan set I own (sad right?). But I also like Toa Metru Vakama, him being my first Toa and all.


Mine has to be Vezon and Fennrak as well. It was my first titan, and was the funnest to build!



But seriously, while Gadunka is in my top three, I think my favorite would have to be Nidhiki. It was cool to see that weird minotaur-like design with the spider legs.


Add me to the Vezon list.

Is this out of all the sets I own? In that case, I’m gonna say Lesovikk and his Sea Sled. If I can go out of that limit, then easily Brutaka looks best to me.


It’s actually Hydraxon. I absolutely loved the way he looked.


If you speak of the sets I own, then for Titans, it would have to be Brutaka.
For Toa, well my first Toa was Gali Mata (She was apparently very popular), but my favorite Toa is my slightly modded Nuju (If you’ve ever seen Canister Wasteland 2, you know what kind of mods I mean).
And for the “Non-Toa/Matoran/Titan” category, I would have to say…Either Turahk, Guurahk, Kurahk, or Pahrak.


I wished I had gotten Brutaka. He looked quite cool.

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I would say Fero and Skirmix or the Rockoh T3.

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Now that’s a hard question to answer, but mine is simpler than a lot would think!

My favorite is Dekar, I just really liked his new matoran design mixed with that fantastic yellow and black color.


My favorite set was Mahri Nuparu.

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The Key To Nongu is my favorite set.


I’m gonna cheat.

Favorite small set: Gotta give it up to my man Kazi. The short and unusual design aesthetic worked for him with the Matatu, and how he was more upright than everyone else.

Favotrite Canister set: I’ve still got my Jaller Mahri and his crab. I dunno man, just…after Jaller Inika, this felt more like Jaller, and it’s just great.

Favorite Large set: Now, I could be cliche, and say Vezon and Fenrakk, but…that Boxor tho. Oldest set I still have around. Except, Nuparu has normal arms, and Black feet. Some stuff happened, but still!


Ahh, ive looked so much to by boxor >.< (my fav Big set) but i still waiting to buy a Millenia from slizers :C

Either Ackar or any of the Inika sets

Following Nyran’s example:

Favorite small set: 2003 Hahli. Now you too can recreate scenes from MNOGII!

Favorite Canister set: Same as Nyran, Jaller Mahri :stuck_out_tongue:
I mean, really, who can be better? He comes with a crab!

Favorite Large set: Close tie between Karzahni and Toa Mata Nui. Both were just chock full of awesomeness.

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Matorooooooooooooooo (Mahri)

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Favorite Collectible: Kanohi
Favorite Polybag set: Fikou
Favorite Matoran Set: Dekar
Favorite Toa Set: Matau Metru
Favorite Villain Set: Vahki Rorzakh
Favorite Large Set: Tuma-I mean Exo Toa

Wow, that was comprehensive.

Alright, now for a l’il something more.


Favorite Matoran: Tamaru / Least Favorite Matoran: Kai
Favorite Toa: Hewkii / Least Favorite Toa: Onewa
Favorite Rahi: Keetongu / Least Favorite Rahi: Sand Tarakava
Favorite Makuta: Kojol / Least Favorite Makuta: Bitil
Favorite Villain: Vezok / Least Favorite Villain: Pridak
Favorite Dark Hunter: The Recorder / Least Favorite Dark Hunter: Vengeance
Favorite Glatorian: Tarix / Least Favorite Glatorian: Gelu
Favorite Agori: Tarduk / Least Favorite Agori: Raanu


Favorite Small: Dekar / Least Favorite Small: McToran Matoro
Favorite Canister: Mahri Hewkii / Least Favorite Canister: Pridak
Favorite Titan: Keetongu / Least Favorite Titan: Krekka
Favorite Projectile: Rhotuka / Least Favorite Projectile: Squids