What is your favorite Ninjago "Era" of animation style?

So I divide Ninjago into 3 eras of animation style.

Era 1- Wilfilm and GDC. During seasons 1-7, Wilfilm and GDC partnered together to make the first 7 seasons. I really liked it and there were no issues. GDC was a good CGI provider and it was good.

Era 2- Wilfilm and Xentrix Studios. Now this is my favorite. During the Oni trilogy, due to production issues, Lego replaced GDC with Xentrix and man was the graphics amazing. Xentrix did an excellent job and the CGI for seasons 8, 9, and 10 were so good. I don’t know why Wildbrain had them replaced.

Era 3- Wildbrain. This is my least favorite of the 3, not saying that this era is necessarily bad. Only season 11’s animation was bad. Wildbrain looks too cartoony for my liking and you should read the Ninjago Wiki article about WIldbrain to see why I don’t like it.

So what are your thoughts and which one is your favorite?


I cannot answer this in any sort of way that fairly compares them due to large amounts of nostalgia

that should be all you need to know which era I prefer

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personally i think Wilfilm comes on top with character models and environments but Wildbrain is easily the best in terms of fights and elemental effects.
tho i think again they are improving with envioronments, compare season 11 ninjago city to season 15 ninjago city!