What is your favourite Year of the Bionicle Mini-CDs?

Seeing as the music from the 2003 CDs and all of the narration from them are being uploaded by Ossirian The Unscarred on Youtube, I felt curious to ask. What were your favourite mini Promotional CDs during G1’s first third or so?

I liked the 2004 CDs despite their simplistic (and annoying slide puzzles) nature as you could click on other parts of the areas to learn more about Metru Nui before the BIONICLE encyclopedia was a thing. Also, I think the ‘intimidating’ narrator for the Bohrok Kal and Rahkshi CDs was unintentionally hilarious with the whole ‘WHAT IS ALL THIS CLICKING ABOUT?’ and ‘BE CAREFUL NOT TO TEMPT IT’ if you repeatedly click on a Bohrok Kal or Rahkshi whilst on its page (1:55 on the Lerahk CD narration video below).

EDIT: ISOs for the mini-CD’s are available on biomedia project.


I only got one promo CD, so I can’t really say.

Forgot to mention that ISOs for them are available on Biomedia project if anyone’s curious to check them out.

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2003 was pretty mind-blowingly incredible as a five or six year old kid. One of my first sets was Lehrak, which my dad bought for me during some time in late 2004. I was hooked, and I just couldn’t help but be excited about the chronicle. :stuck_out_tongue: