What kind of person are you?

This is a test to see what kind of person you are and how you could end up later in life. Post your results below and don’t be ashamed of them. Here is the link to the form/test: https://docs.google.com/forms

P.S. I think this is off topic, all masters, if it isn’t please move it. Thanks.



4 A’s
2 B’s
1 C

I guess I’m a campaigner…

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Exact same thing here


Engineer, who could’ve guessed? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Did you like it?

Campaigner all the way–only one B, the rest were solid A’s.

All As except for one of each of the other two.

Oh yes ,though the slacker bit could potentially come across as a bit mean.
Only other issue was that some questions did not have enough options, e.g. in the “working with a friend” section there was no "try and put forward lots of ideas and lead the project option or anything similar, so for some people it might not work.
Overall it did make me thing about myself, and it was fun, so thank you.

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I’m basically this guy:

“If you answered mostly Bs, you are an engineer. You’re smart and logical. You stick to reality and be rational with your actions.”


Well, the word might, but the meaning of it is more like “shadow person”, basically you try to be your own world. I edited it.

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4 B’s and 3 C’s. I’m an engineer! Yay! :grinning:

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3 A’s
3 C’s
And 1 B

I’m a shadow campaigner.

Dark Campaigner, show me the hidden candidates.


I am a campaigner.

Makes sense.


All A’s, I’m a campaigner

“If you answered mostly As, you are a campaigner. You’re creative and talented. Always wanting to do more for the common good.”
I’m a campaigner, apparently.

5 A’s and one for each of the other two, though the last question’s answers were pretty much interchangeable for me; I do all of them.

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I guess I can work with it, though I do better

a campaigner/engineer… huh

I am a living person…duh.

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