What Languages Have You Learned?

What languages have you guys learned or are learning? I'm currently working on Japanese, D'ni, German, Finnish, French, Armenian, and Russian. I am most fluent in written D'ni (a fictional language from Riven) And am still learning the others.


and I'm only learning spanish...

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Chinese for the win! Huzzah.

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I wasn't expecting to see something like this but that is awesome haha

Dutch, German, French and English.

I know some Spanish.

(Is this the "make Americans feel stupid" topic? (The "make Chro feel stupid" topic, even? laughing )
I know there are plenty of exceptions, but for the most part in my experience, the American school systems don't value foreign languages nearly as much as other countries do, which means that the majority of the people I talk to from the US know one or two languages at most other than English, while people from basically anywhere else commonly know three or four languages.
Honestly I really wish that I could learn multiple languages, I know I would not have the attention span to teach myself. frowning )

The "make Americans feel stupid" thing is just a joke, I know that's far from your intent in creating this thread.


I have been learning Latin for like three years now.

Can I speak it? Nope.

Can I read it? Kinda.

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Currently learning french

I do understand italian, and maltese
As I am part italian, and almost completely maltese
*and yes, I cant speak either very well

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I will be learning French this year.

I intend to, ultimately, learn German, one of the Scandinavian languages (Danish, Swedish, Norwegian), Russian, and probably Spanish.

I've learned English one year ago from video games... (i still need to improve tho')
And I'm plannin' on learning French, Latin and maybe German. Maybe coz' german is a really "agressive" language and i don't like it >.<
Also when i was 1 year old I've learned how to speak Hungarian stuck_out_tongue


I know spanish and I want to learn Mando'ad.

I know my native language, English, and regularly butcher Spanish. I know a few words in French, German, and Latin.

Now... if the subject was how many different language accents can you do... I'd beat you all.

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can't tell you how many years of Spanish class I've taken and still know literally nothing about it.


I know how to count in spanish...

I've actually always wanted to learn Japanese, but for now just English. japanese_castle

I tried German a few years ago, and boy was that an experience. I'm currently taking a college-level French class.

Well, tell ya what, ask mah boi, @BeefJStag how that's going for him, then make your decision on that front.


Brothers! I am thrilled this topic exists, I am not alone in the world of insane language learning!

I have learned (And am fluent in) Engrish, Sindarin, Latin, Italian, and Russian, and I am currently learning Spanish and French, I might take up learning German sometime soon, I'll see how Spanish IV goes.

Other languages I kinda know enough to hold a conversation: Mandalorian, Black Speech (Not as much as I would like with that, but I know it) and some Turkish, which was really just a phase as I had just started learning about Istanbul n stuff


Japanese is actually pretty easy, it's just a lot of memorization. The sounds are fairly simple, and the grammar (imo) is fairly easy to understand too.

I'm a bit of a Toku nut, and I've been able to pick up bits and pieces of like, nouns and patterns, but what I question is the written part of the Language.

Since there's like, 3 different alphabets or something

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