What Lantern ring would your favorite Superhero and Toa have

So I find the multiple different types of Lantern rings very interesting and fun to try to match them up to different characters. For example which ring would Batman use? I think he’d use a blue or yellow one. what do you think? What ring would your favorite superhero have? To make this more interesting, What ring would your favorite Toa have?

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cough cough


Wow gues I was right…

Seems green for mine;

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well I think that my favorite toa, Jaller, would probably have, well a green one

Nidihki with an Indigo ring could be interesting.

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Ah yes, Nidhiki is remembered as the most compassionate character in BIONICLE.

Booster Gold would obviously have the Blue Lantern ring! And I can’t think of my favorite BIONICLE character ATM…


Toa Ignika = White Lantern Confirmed


anyway… Matoro would use green because i know nothing about dc #justgreen #tmmdontdoit

Willpower, @TheMatoroMovement


I honestly think matoro would probably have blue for hope


the indigo ring forces compassion onto the wearing. It’s designed to reform criminals.

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Venom, the character not the host, would probably have either a rage ring. Not that he’s always a villain, but in every form he’s a very rage filled character. Favorite Toa… dang… Jaller would have a green or blue. None of the Toa have violet though, no love in Bionicle…

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Blue Lantern! Or white.

Kopaka would probably have green and Vezon would have…orange? Maybe?

No, definitely.
No doubt.
Now that I think about it, Agent Orange and Vezon are pretty similar…

I think Batman would have a yellow ring.

I think Lewa would have an indigo ring.

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Definitely White Lantern Corps. (Takanuva)

“Brightest day and brightest night,
Let my ring shine the brightest light.
When evil comes I will join the fight,
The power of The White Lanterns is the strongest might!”

Second would only be Indigo Tribe. (Gali)
"Tor lorek san, bor nakka mur,
Natromo faan tornek wot ur.
Ter Lantern ker lo Abin Sur,
Taan lek lek nok–Formorrow Sur!

(From Hopeful Light to Raging Night,
Our Proud Souls Soar through the dim Twilight.
In a War Near lost for those who fight,
Look to us now
Well lead you right!)

I personally would ether be Indigo, Blue, or Violet.

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