What LEGO themes do you collect other then Bionicle?

I could only find topics about Bionicle collections, so I figured I’d make this.

What LEGO themes do you collect other then Bionicle? While to all of us, Bionicle leads our LEGO collection, we also collect other themes to. I recently started collecting LEGO Racers, and I have 7 sets so far, with more joining soon. I also think I should start collecting the Knight’s Kingdom action figures, since they are cool and go for pretty cheap online.
What about you? What other themes do you generally collect?


I don’t really collect themes; I just buy whatever looks to have cool pieces.


Even Friends? It has cool pieces sometimes :grinning:

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Perhaps. I must admit I’m more partial to science fiction, so whatever looks cool/has good pieces in my eyes often tends to be Star Wars sets and the like.


I actually don’t really collect bionicle.

I would suppose Minecraft, although I stopped collecting that a few years ago.
TBH I haven’t really bought a whole lot of lego sets in the past few years. I think i’ve bought one this year, and maybe one or two last year?

I do collect Brickarms, though.


Well, when it comes to current themes, nothing really. I am partial to Technic sets, but I don’t particularly try to get all of them. System sets are possible, but no theme in general catches my eye at the moment.

On something akin to collecting, I’m trying to restore/complete my old Slizer and Roboriders collections. I recently replaced the last broken pieces from the Slizers, so now I’d have to get all the discs if I feel up to it. Of the roboriders, two are still missing wheels, a couple weapons, and I need to track down where the boss rider pieces have gone.


I haven’t bought any lego since g2 ended


I can understand. It’s not worth getting any of the new sets they make… Only the old sets are really worth your money…

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I collect Marvel, Star Wars, soon to be Overwatch, and minifigure packs, mainly in costumes (I got an entire wave of them, but I still only bought one).

I don’t buy a whole lot, but that’s because I’m waiting for something that really catches my eye (cough, cough, D.Va and Reinhardt), not because I don’t like the stuff that comes out. I actually really like LEGO’s place right now in terms of quality and themes, minus the fact that Constraction is absent.

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speed champions
i like how detailed the cars are

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I’l suggest also collecting the original racers if you can find them at a good price

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I’m just not interested in general, new or old


What makes you think that?


I I don’t know. The new sets are just overpriced useless sets that don’t really have any charm. Probably the only theme that is worth buying is Ninjago, but as much as I love the TV Show, the sets don’t really appeal to me that much. And I decided that is not worth wasting my money on the new sets, which I don’t really care for. Now, I only buy old retired sets, those which I actually like.
I have not got much new sets since G2 ended.
The only theme that I still care about is Ninjago, the rest are just overpriced Cash-Gubs.

City: Same sets every year

Creator: Pretty much the same thing

Star Wars: Don’t care about it anymore

Jurassic World: Useless sets, the only reason people buy them is because of the Dinos. Can’t they just bring Dino Attack back instead?

OverWatch: Never played the game

BlackHeadz: The idea is good, but why do they have ro be all licensed?!

DC Super Heroes: Let’s be honest: Does anyone care about DC anymore? Marvel is popular nowdays. The DC era is over. Also, The new sets are just so useless. WHY IS LEGO SO OBSESSED with Batman? And that App-Controlled Batmobile is the most Overpriced set I have ever seen. That thing doesn’t even look good.

Marvel Superheroes: Ok sets, but not a fan of them myself

Friends: Too much Pink

Elves: Same here. Story is also to repetitive

LEGO Movie 2: Sets are not interesting at all. That Emmet bike is the one of the most ridiculous sets.

Minecraft: TERRIBLE. The Game is out of treading since 2016. Why do they still keep it? Please… just discontinue it… The 2019 sets look awful…

Technic: The good sets are to expensive for me to afford.

Ninjago: The 2019 Legacy sets look great. This is probably the only good part about the 2019 LEGO sets.

Let me give you an advice: Don’t buy the new sets just because they exist. In 2011, for 20$ I could get Zane’s Ice Dragon. For 30$ nowdays, I get that Throne Room Showdown set, with a useless build, that people buy just because of the minifigs.

Of course, this is all my opinion. If you like the new sets, I am glad. But, I’d rather get the sets I really love for cheap rather then the new overpriced sets.

I hope this is clear to you.

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It’s actually quite cool! Some of the newer sets have been adding some really cool new items and mobs.

I used to collect it, too. It’s not bad, especially once you start making your own world.


I don’t know about you, but I personally hate it. The builds are so blocky and they just don’t look good, whether they are accurate to the game or not. Have you even seen the new ender dragon? The build for it looks terrible and superficial. Looks like a 8-year old build it…

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Minecraft is blocky.

And it is designed for the 8-10 year old group.

should we get back on topic, perhaps?
I used to (a really long time ago, in a galaxy far far away) collect Lego Star wars.


A kid deserves something better then Minecraft…:disappointed_relieved:

Anyway, back on topic… I don’t know what else to say…


@LegoDavid, would it be cool to expand this topic to themes you don’t collect and why?


Oooh, yeah!
Good idea!

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