What Made Green Day's "American Idiot" so popular (plus any of their other albums)?

Anybody who likes rock and punk rock knows Green Day. From Dookie to their newest album "Tre" the one album that has stood out to a lot of people is American Idiot. Why though? I mean, it was adopted for Broadway so what makes this album in particular so popular. Also this doubles as a Green Day discussion topic so let's talk.

I think it's supposed to be a coming of age story of the Jesus of Suburbia mentioned throughout the album. I believe Wikipedia has something about this.

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I suspect it was largely a matter of timing. It touched upon some political issues that were very contentious at the time (and still are), and also kind of fed into the post-9/11 cynical feelings a lot of people had. Plus, it has a decent amount of variety and some really catchy songs!

As for Green Day in general: though I don't always care for their lyrics/messages, my favorite album of theirs is 21st Century Breakdown. I have a thing for rock operas and albums that have a lot of variety on them. American Idiot is a close second. Most of their earlier albums are too heavy for my tastes, though there are a few songs I like. And the recent "trilogy" of albums seemed to have a lot of filler.

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American Idiot became so popular, in my opinion, because of the ongoing story that it told through the songs.