What made the existance of a Toa of light so terrifying to the brotherhood of Makuta?

For the longest time I just accepted that a Toa of light would be bad for the Makuta because “Well of course they are the shadow people and hes a light person.” But recently I had a thought:

The Makuta while obviously associated with shadows, arent literal beings made of shadow. Its only the element they control. And while sure a Toa of light would counter that elemental power quite effectively, that still leaves them with over 40 other powers that light doesnt exactly affect much.

Im not entirely sure light would be the most effective element to use against protosteel and gas either, plasma for example would seem a lot more effective on that end.

Did the thought of one of their abundant powers being less effective realy disturbe the makuta this much or am I forgeting some aspect of the makuta that made them terrified enough to raid the fortress of, one of, the universes most powerful beings? If I did, what is it?


Toa of Iron were a bigger threat to the Makuta’s armor, that why they killed most of them.


Shadow isn’t just one of their powers. Since they purged their inner light, light powers are now extra harmful to them:

this light-producing [lightvine] was toxic to those who had only shadow inside them, making it an effective defense against those who had been lost to the enemy.

From Shadows in the Sky


that makes their fear a lot more reasonable yeah, thank you. tho it does still make me wonder how that works with a makuta considering what we see isnt actualy part of them and more like hermetically sealed mech suits for the gas clouds that are their bodies


I don’t think it’s any stranger than Kopaka being weak to heat and fire, despite being armored, or Vultraz losing his heat-resistance when he became a Shadow Matoran.

As for them killing Toa of Iron (and Magnetism)… it’s hard to compare to Toa of Light, since Takanuva is the only one to have existed.


"Light can do a lot of things. It can illuminate. It can welcome. It can warm. As it turns out, it can also make laser beams that slice through protosteel”