What mask best represents Helryx's Mask of Psychometry?

The title basically says it. I am thinking of making a Helryx MoC, and was wondering what currently produced mask y’all think would best fit. I was thinking of either a blue Noble Mahiki or Nuva Hau. Or maybe Tarix’s mask. I just don’t know. I can’t think of one that really fits what I am looking for…

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I say Tarix’s mask. looks like I imagine it.


Yeah… I’d also say Tarix’s mask. Besides, it looks like it’s smiling. It would be ironic, since Helryx is a serious character.

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I would have to modify it a little. Get rid of those wavy things coming off the back of it.

I think those make it look more like Helryx, but it’s up to you.

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Yeah. I had to go grab it and look at it again. For some reason I thought Tarix’s mask had all that stuff that is on the back of Kalmah’s head.

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Is the question answered?

If it is, the topic should probably be closed by our glorious Modsquad.

@Chronicler, @Nyran?

No, this is a topic that can warrant further discussion, as it is a matter of subjective opinion.


Fair enough.

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Blue… blue… blue… Helryx… Nokama Hordika Mask, or Blue Great Hau

Jango Fett’s helmet would work.

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I dunno… If I were to make a Helryx moc, I’d probably use a Hordika Rau or a plain old Kaukau.

Yeah, this looks pretty serious. Would be rather good at characterizing Helryx.