What mask did Jaller wear on Metru Nui?

So while looking at an image of the evolution of Jaller’s mask, from Tohunga to Toa Mahri, I noticed that it was missing his mask from when he lived in Metru Nui.

Now, at the end of Web of Shadows, it shows Jaller sitting in front of his broken mask, which appears to be a red Noble Komau.

Now, I’m not entirely sure if this is canon or not, so I want to hear your thoughts. What was Jaller’s original Metru Nui mask?


well the red noble komau, that’s the mask he wore in dark mirror and in the movie


Yeah I think that he wore Noble Komau…

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I believe the above is correct.

He did indeed wear a red Noble Komau, as shown in this image from Legends of Metru Nui, which you mentioned:

The mask was broken during the journey to Mata Nui, and replaced by Lhikan’s Hau.


The Komau sounds right.

The mask is red because they had a red Komau model on hand from Mask of Light, but not a yellow one. Such are the realities of life, I guess. His feet are yellow because he’s Jala and his feet are yellow, of course!

Cause he is a Mcdonalds promo.


I’d agree with @Pereki --plus, since they already had the Jaller model from MoL, they probably just reused it instead of making a pre-Tohunga Jaller, like they did for all the other Metru Matoran in LoMN. Vakama & co. are the only Matoran to use the Metrutoran torso in that movie…

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Okay, I wasn’t sure if that was canon or not.

Thank you all for your inputs.

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I think it’s a noble Komau.

Shame that particular color Komau was never released.

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Question answered, topic closed.