What masks can the Red Star actually replace?

Hello Greg!



“Also, if Karzahni died inside MU and his mask was broken, would he be given a new Olisi in red star ?”
“2) Yes”
“2) Despite the fact that there was originaly only one Olisi in entire MU ?”
“You have to restore the person to the form they had when they died. That includes the mask.”[/quote]

These two quotes seem somewhat contridictary, however, since the Red Star revelations had not been established yet, I assume this to be a retcon. Correct?

Side note; am I correct in assuming the same applies to the Olmak, Avohkii and Kraahkan, (though all four are known to have been made by Artakha or in the land of Artakha as opposed to by the Great Beings,) however not the Vahi, Ignika or Mask of Creation?
Would Infected Kanohi or Kanohi Nuva be able to be replaced on the Red Star?