What MU powers don't work on SM?

In this thread you said that Mask of Time is not the only Mask which power is restricted to the Matoran Universe.

What other Mask Powers and other abilities will be rendered useless outside of Great Spirit Robot’s Body?

And was it ever established, what exactly makes them work within Mata Nui’s body?


There are powers that would not work and powers that would only work on MU natives. These things were designed to help keep the robot running, not to operate in the outside world in some cases (would you give your nanotech control over time in the entire universe?)


But that implies that the creation of Mask of Time was intended by the grander scheme of things (way beyond Makuta’s plans and ambitions), and was not just desired by Makuta for its effects on the Matoran Universe.

Anyway, thank you for your response Greg!

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Does this include things like elemental gravity or mind control related powers?

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Mind control definitely – the mind control power would work on another inhabitant of the MU, but not on a Spherus Magna native.


Makes sense, given that their brains are made differently.

Since there are psionically capable beings in both universes, does this mean that they work on the SAME psionic principles, or are they mutually exclusive?

Well, Orde was able to read the mind of a Vorox using his inherent psionic abilities, so I’m assuming that the mask of mind control doesn’t work psionically, more like a control chip.


Here another thought, what about the mask of quick travel? It’d be pretty powerful outside of Mata-Nui, there never really was any limit on how far you could travel besides your field of view and through transparent objects.