What music do y’all listen to while gaming?

Title says all. I enjoy the album “Tron Legacy: Reconfigured”. It’s remixes of the Tron: Legacy score. Anybody know good instrumental dubstep?

EDIT: never mind I found something I like. Continue discussion


Usually the soundtrack of the game I’m playing.

Dark Souls, (my most replayed game) is silent for the majority of the game, so I have a playlist of the boss soundtracks going in the background. It makes the more tedious or boring places a bit easier to go through. (cough cough souls 3 demon ruins)



Same. For me personally, listening to music while gaming is a major distraction. I’m the kind of guy who can’t listen to two music tracks at once, so having any other music over a game’s soundtrack makes me unfocused, and I play worse.

A friend of mine listens to his own music while playing Overwatch and it baffles me. He often misses the Overtime music cues because he has the in-game music turned off, and thus never realizes we’re losing the point! :laughing:

For some games the music is especially important. I’m currently heavily invested in Hollow Knight, and the ambiance the music creates really helps me get into the mood, it really sucks me in just as much as the gameplay.

That being said, I can see why people listen to different music while playing a game. I could really only do it if it’s a mindless kind of game.

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This. All of this. The only time I can recall listening to other music while playing a game is when I’m grinding levels in Pokemon, at which point I find it more entertaining to put on music that I like than to listen to the game’s music loop endlessly.

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I only play mindless games then :stuck_out_tongue:

Depends. If I’m playing a more high-octane game like Nuclear Throne (especially when modded), I prefer stuff like Rings of Saturn or Doom 4’s OST. If I’m playing slower games, like Hollow Knight or Dark Souls, I’ll boot up some orchestral or ambient music.

How dare you… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hollow Knight’s soundtrack is phenomenal!

Never said that the music couldn’t be from the game.

Really the only time I boot up music for HK is for the Colosseum trials.

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Ducky, I didn’t know you were southern :eyes:

I usually listen to in-game music (or none at all because I’m often in call with friends), but when I’m not super focused on a boss fight I usually listen to Aviator’s music when playing Dark Souls.

Yup, I am lol.

I ADORE the soundtrack to Fallout New Vegas (and fallout 3 to a lesser extent). There’s nothing more fun than having a shootout while hearing “Big Iron” by Marty Robbins in the background.

I like playing ironic music for gaming. Like Peaches by Presidents of the United States Of America, All Star by Smashmouth, Albuquerque by Weird Al, etc.

Most of the games I play have good soundtracks. 'Twould be a sin to me to play something over that.

When I’m listening to something other than a game soundtrack, I usually mute the game soundtrack

Just my music i listen to normally or faster music. Quite often i listen to Youtube videos

I usually listen to whatever modicum game is playing. I would listen to musoc, but sometimes there’s sounds and such that I really don’t want to miss.
Plus, I’m usually playing with my grandpa, and we always talk about something. It’d be rude to play music while talking to him.

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I keep hearing this music while I sleep help

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I listen to Professor Layton music.:slight_smile:

I put my playlist on shuffle or pull up a euro-beat remix compilation on YouTube.