What order should you post mocs in?

Hello. I’m relatively new to the TTV community (September 2015) and I have tons of MOCs that I want to post pictures of. But I don’t have time to post more than one a week, if it’s even possible. I’ve been wondering which order to post them in: from most mediocre to best; or from best to worst. if this question has already been asked, or if this needs to be posted on another topic, please, make this website more organized, and move it to where you deem fit!

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Who cares? Do it in whatever order you want but my advice would be post one of your favorites first; good or bad. My self moc Kaos went from exposed technic Blob to a good looking female (I know it’s weird I switched genders.) just from comments alone.


@Khalsa721 is on to something. I recommend posting one of your faves first, and then posting from worst to best. That way you’ll be constantly raising people’s expectations and interest and not letting anyone down.

Also, remember, presentation is 50% of putting a MOC on the internet. Good lightning, a solid backdrop and sharp photography will do wonders for people’s appreciation for your MOCs. It’ll also make them much more likely to critique and comment.

I recommend checking out this topic for tips (it’s long and has some complex techniques, but the basics are applicable).

If you have any more questions, feel free to message me. As a Mod I’m more then happy to help. :smiley:


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Yeah, apparently, this topic got too flagged, and I had to change the category it is in. for now, it’s in “off topic” but I don’t think it fits there either. Are there any categories that would fit better?

Nah, don’t worry about it. It’s alright here. :slight_smile: