What other Discussion sites are you involved in

Is anyone out there who is involved with other message boards or forums than this one? I know at least some of us are active on BZP or the LMS. If you participate with other communities outside the Lego fandom that cool too.

For me, all I really do is just comment on blogs on Wikizilla.
I do have an LMB account as well, but I almost never use it.

huh you know this is actually the only discussion site I go to, I also feel because this is probably the only discussion site I fit in with, I'm frankly scarred of going to a transformers discussion site because I will be bombarded with "G1 waz da best" or "de moviez are duh best transfermers eva" (I do not agree with either, especially the movies, TF prime is the best in my opinion) or a star wars site because I will be attacked by anyone who likes the prequals or any who likes the orginal trilogy I tried to go to the halo forums but it's so... negative there right now, so this is pretty much the only place I go

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I've been on Eurobricks, but not too terribly much. Otherwise, I was on BZP for a minute, then decided to leave. My account is dead on BZP, lol.

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I've been to BZP and this site called WebCC. (short for webChip's Challenge.) That's it.

Other then the CWCkiforums not much else.

BZP, for the most part.

well i do have a BZP account from when i was looking for the site in the back of the metru nui guide book. havent been on there in a while.

This is the only discussion website I use...

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I used to go on the Bungie forums, back when they still owned Halo.

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I have a dead account on BZP.

I used to go on Rock Raiders United, but I don't think I was welcome seeing as I own no old Lego games.

I have an account on BZpower

I took a look at BZP, and it just looked very confusing. This is so much easier to navigate, and it looks cleaner (the Bohrok are here, people). By this I mean that the site is not as cluttered, and it just looks neater to me.

This is the only discussion site I use.


I used to go to RRU (Rock Raiders United), but left because I got tired of a few people there, and I probably have a dead BZP account somewhere too.

Mostly just the LMBs, and once and a while BZP.

Here, the Chex Quest Fan Forums, and I have a dead account on Kirby's Rainbow Resort (which is also dead last I checked)


Wait, Chip's Challenge? That awesome old Winows puzzle game?? :smiley:

BZPower (significant activity)
Eurobricks (minimal activity)
MOCpages (formerly; zero activity currently)
flickr (not sure if it counts as discussion - very active)
imgur (same as above - relatively active)
Reddit (just made the account, haven't used it at all)
SM.com (formerly; AFAIK that entire project is dead which is okay with me)

I used to be on BZP.

If you mean this one, yeah. (there's actually several games by that name)

WebCC is basically a site for fan-made Chip's Challenge levels.

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