What powers a marendar should have and what powerlevel it should be?

I was fidling with my Marendar. now that it was published a year ago I never got the chanse to talk about ideas or fandom thougths about its powers. It was talked about in some other post but I couldn’t find it and I think 2 years is long enough time to start a new one.

So what powers marendar should have or does have?

One that is not mentioned often is flight. Most toa can’t fly so being able to fly gives a massive tactical advantage. Also the opposite is true, if Toa can fly away to the sky then Marendar is at disadvantage.

I also imagine being able to fly also would allow it to speed thorugh water which is another place toa would try to escape to.


A very good question. Considering this thing is designed to annihilate a whole species of superpowered warriors with literal dozens of potential super powers. said powers also allowing toa to battle in most any environments one could think of.

to at least cut down that disadvantage slightly i would assume Marendar at bare minimum would have the same device installed that Kabrua was using against the yesterday quest toa to at least supress their elemental powers. especialy if they wanted to avoid any nova blast nuking.

to also allow it to pursuit into and fight without too big a disadvantage I would also assume that it would either have equipment suited to as many kinds of environments as possible be it air, underwater, mountains, jungle, perhaps even space, or perhaps it could have similar adaptive equipment as the Toa Nuva had received.

only logical that it would have either of those considering it would be a pretty big failure if the toa could escape their extermination by just moving into an environment that marendar isnt suitable for.

obviously that means both in terms of locomotion and in terms of tracking capabilities

we also know from the war between metru nui and the dark hunters that there used to be just hundreds of toa. that and the capability for there to be a lot more of them by the time the gsr returned, would be things the great beings would have to keep in mind when designing marendar.

sure perhaps at the start it could get away with picking off some of them in low numbers. but once its clear whats going on theres the very big possibility that marendar would have to fight a literal army of these people all at once and by itself. meaning marendar would need to be able to both dish out massive amounts of damage preferably to several targets at once while ALSO needing to be able to take just massive amounts of hits by hundreds of super powered beings at once.

that means just tons of weapons and very sturdy armor. Or if one wanted to go a bit more overpowered: perhaps straight up borg level adapting to weapons. Which i think wouldnt be outside the great beings capabilities considering Spiriah was able to give Reidak a somewhat similar ability with his “cant be defeated the same way twice” thing.


This guy that made the only existing helmet so far has a interesting concept for it’s body. Although it is revanescence of the Baterra.

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This seems only reasonable. Any toa with exception of Psionics could destroy a metropolis. I’d argue for a personal immunity since it might make battles too onesided if Toa lack their powers

I think there is a consensus that Marendar can sense where toa are. @ToaKebaka suggested marendar would go after Tuyet first since her Nui Stone would glow with a strenght of a hundred Toa.

Good point that Great Beings must have assumed the army of toa to be huge. they could not have predicted that amount of toa would be under 50 at the time of the story. So he should be able to take down an army

However if he is immune to elemental powers then army he would be facing is made of regular biomechanicals so wiping them out with energy blasts should be easy enough

Question rises if Marendar can defeat other powerfull beings or was it designed to only be able to reach powerless toa levels of power. Baterra went crazy so it is possible they made sure Marendar is not city destroying in strenght. A makuta or Axonn could defeat marendar one v one?

Though I would like to think Marendar is able to go toe to toe with stronger beings of Matoran universe. A makuta with their destruction power could be a challenge

Assuming of course Marendar is allowed to harm other beings than toa. I assume he is programmed to be unable to harm Agori, the main things he is meant to protect.

Greg unfortunately confirmed that everything matoran universe inhabitants could desing, GBs put it there. Visorak, rahkshi were stated to be included by great beings. and most likely Vahi and other things. This takes agency away from the story.

But outside of that, yeah Adaptive weapons are not outside their skill since Artakha made them for toa Nuva.

I made a fan theory that Marendar is powered by a Nui stone. It is the ultimate fail safe. When toa arrived to the Spherus Magna Nui stone begun to absorb energy a awakened Marendar.
The more toa there are, the more power there is for Marendar to consume. He will not need food nor sleep as long as there are toa powering him.

AND most importantly, after last toa is dead, Marendar will run out of energy and shut down. This prevents him from going berserk like Baterra.

AND if there are Matoran who become toa, Marendar will reactivate and kill them.

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Them being powered by nui Stone makes sense. Will that mean when you start building it, will it have actions of transparent dark red throughout the body? Makuta have a lot of abilities I could see them taking down one. Even if they got in the city, I the Vahki would more than likely defend it and maybe could take one down since their job is to protect the city and they have the numbers, they don’t have Toa energy and they are program to attack anything that’s a threat.

well not quite regular. keep in mind while they wouldnt be able to control the elements they would still have whatever powers their kanohi provide. and while some of those powers are not too dangerous theres definitely a bunch that would make that fight harder for marendar like pakaris, kakamas, growth, regeneration, intangibility, possibilities, biomechanics.

with those its still basicaly fighting an army of superheroes. we of course dont know if the great beings dont also have technology to remotely supress kanohi too but if they did why wouldnt velika have given that to kabrua as well?

My version has a red crystl hidden under its chest. I imagine it is the elemental immunity device/nui stone. And internal machinery turns the toa energy into blue energy/elemental light energy

Vahki are dismantled and they were next to uselees against Kanohi Dragon. And against dark hunters though they were more of hit and run.

But Marendar would have a hard time against non toa opponents, especially in large numbers.

Short answer might be yes, they have that technology since prisoned great being disabled the olmak inside Vezon. and he did it while inprisoned.

I think Marendar will try to destroy kanohi if given chanse since toa become physically weaker without them. (i think?)

as for Velika…Eh, he simply didn’t have it in hand when he gave weapons to kabrua.

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Still I feel if a Marender is going to look like anything I think it sound be a hulking brute like robot.

Little bit larger than toa and strong looking are minimun requirements. bonus points if it has desing language that shows immunity to toa elements. like several different colored lights like some have used.

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having thought about this concept for quite a while i realized that Marendar being based on Baterra is actualy quite a decent idea.

If one thinks about it both of these inventions have technicaly the same purpose: bringing peace through lethal force not stopping pursuing that goal until its 100% completed.

in that sense Marendar could be viewed as a super or maybe alpha Baterra. just one that has a more specialized target.

if one looked at it that way it could also be a fun idea to give it the ability to command the remaining Baterra into assisting it with the toa slaying. After all they are still out there following their mission to this very day. Why not use these resources that they already have

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Maybe. it could have a four-fingered like design that could make it look like it’s a bulk out Baterra since Baterra already had two fingers.

When it comes to Marendar, I think it is also important to note that the Great Beings did not know that the Makuta would go on to kill most Toa of Iron, so they probably prepared some sort of defense against potential Toa of Iron attacks. I don’t know what those defenses would look like, but they are worth considering. Maybe Marendar’s alloy is some special variant that they can’t manipulate?

Most likely his resistance to elemental attacks includes iron. Though him being made of somekind of supermaterial is not out of possibility.

Though personally I think he is made of protosteel. no need to invent another adamantium, beskar, valyrian steel for bonkle universe, we already have protosteel.