What retcons do yall remember?

So I was looking over stuff mostly just googling random stuff about Bionicle trying to find interviews on it and more about stuff that happened around bionicle like the retcon that all the brown toa were suddenly retroactively orange and the no more romance thing
I want to attempt to list all the retcons I can find so if you can name anything just respond to this please?

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Ok, well I’m certain that never happened. Lego just started releasing yellow and orange sets in place of brown ones; the last “brown” set we ever got was Vorox, which was mostly tan.

Regarding romance, Greg’s touched on this a few times in the Ask Greg section of the forum.


The change of the word “Tohunga” to “Matoran” and the Matoran name changes after the real life Maori lawsuit was a huge retcon early on.


No stone characters were retroactively changed, orange and yellow were simply introduced as possible colors for stone. Some characters did change colours, but they actually changed in-story–Hewkii, for example, was brown before becoming a toa, and yellow after he became a Toa.



Makuta being originally depicted as a troubled soul who wanted to help his brother in anyway he could to gain as much credit as Mata Nui had but because he was possessed by the Mask of Shadows his actions were shrouded by bad decisions that ended up hurting all those around him but because of his Mask he was convinced he was doing the right thing. I honestly like this Makuta more because it gave him a bit of Pathos and tragedy and is just a more interesting character than the Post-2003/2004 Makuta.



That was only Pohatu wearing special adaptive armour!
And the last set that was supposedly Stone related was neither brown nor orange

It was a yellow rahkshi

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Kahu and Kewa being recanonized as Gukko subspecies is really weird imo.

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To be honest Grey or Sand should have become the standard Stone colors, not Yellow or Orange.

The build system. :pensive:

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