What’s up with the Bionicle stars commercial?

Has anyone else noticed the bendable limbs that the Bionicle stars had in their stop motion commercial?

Does anyone know who made this stop motion or how the figures would be recreated or were made originally, also I managed to pause the video and see a crocodile clip holding up Nektans weapon.
So this is really half a question about the origins of this stop motion and the custom pieces in it and just a post to discuss what other people’s thoughts about this animation are. Makes you wonder what Bionicle stars could have been.


The video was made by Patrick Boivin for Lego with the help of his friends Carnior, OoOliver and Éric Pfalzgraf. The custom limbs are just the originals cut and reassembled with metal bars through them.


How interesting. If thats how the sets had been made, they might’ve actually been cool


It would be interesting to see if someone could try to recreate the design for the limbs, thanks for the information about the makers of the stop motion.


I’m sure someone somewhere on Shapeways or the internet has recreated these.
It’s certainly cool, I’d love a pair for my stars Rhakshi.

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Wow. I never noticed it. It seems like the Nektan’s bendable limbs were made with just a screw.

Lego: “we want you to make an advertisement for our product. Even if you have to destroy the product to do so.”


I think the neat thing about this is it shows that even the individual(s) LEGO hired out to do this project took at least some issue to the lack of posability in these sets. Then again, LEGO may have let them modify the parts to make the product seem more dynamic than it actually is and didn’t think anyone would look that hard at the commercial in comparison to their purchased sets.


I wonder what happened to the original ones for the stop motion, because there was a bunch of Rahkshi, Piraka and Skrall that came out of that hole thing in that one scene.

Oh wow. I never even noticed that. Too bad those limbs couldn’t be used in the actual sets.

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It’s basically the same thing as Lego minifigures having bending limbs in a lot of the CGI ads and games. There are limitations to what can easily be produced with plastic sets, but for the animation they want them to be more expressive so they make it somewhat inaccurate to the actual set.