What should I ask for for Christmas?

Hey everyone.

Yes, it’s Christmas time again.

This year, I’ve got a budget of 30 Pounds, and I’d like to ask for some Bionicle 2016 stuff. The only problem is, I’ve got no idea which sets to ask for. Here’s some factors to consider:
-Of the 2016 sets, I already own Pohatu and Akida.
-Pounds are not the same as Dollars! For example, 71312 is 15 Dollars, but 10 Pounds.

So, what do you think?

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Just Pohatu and Akida?

I would either go for Umarak, or for the Kopaka+Melum set.


You’re not the only one who’s annoyed. I couldn’t find G2 sets anywhere.

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COULDN’T FIND ANY G2 SETS?!? This is kinda crazy to me, and I can’t find any G1 sets anywhere! Yeah, umarak is a cool set, I would recommend it, and includes some nice pieces. Usually I buy sets that contain pieces I need for my MOCs. Maybe you can even find Umarak the Destroyer for 25 pounds (hope that isn’t a too big adding to the budget)

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Umarak the Destroyer is probably the best set in that 20-30£ range. If you could get it sealed, it would probably cost you twice as much. So, I suggest getting him, if you can find him at a good price.

Due to these replies I’m looking towards Umarak, but Destroyer or Hunter? (Hunter retailed at £14.99, Destroyer at £17.99).

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Your choice, those are two good sets, you have to decide, look at what do you want them for

I would say the Destroyer.

I’m also considering the Kopaka unity pack, since he’s my second favourite Toa. Matoro superior


I would recommend Umarak the Hunter and either Tahu Uniter or Lewa Uniter.

All pretty good sets.


I’d say Destroyer is the better one. But, it’s your choice.

I’d recommend the hunter, he’s more fun, at Least to me

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Thanks everyone, I think I’ll go with Umarak the Hunter and Tahu.


I bought four Umarak the Hunter, and I can vouch that he is a great set. Possibly the best “titan” of 2016. Then again, he and Uxar are then only 2016 sets I actually own.

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Umarak is amazing. Best pieces in 3
2016. Thankfully I got mine for free, since I didn’t buy any 2016 sets.

Umarak is always a good choice!

At the risk of sounding preachy, I would also recommend maybe buying something for someone else too? I don’t know how much 30 pounds is, but if you can spare some money, it really does feel good to make someone else’s day too.

It’s especially worthwhile if you can donate what you buy. Toys for Tots or Salvation Army are great options!


Umarak the Hunter is cool!

Also, Kopaka is awesome.

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I’d get one of the Crystal Beasts, tbh. Mostly part packages but they’ve got some quality to them, and the beast masks are highly underappreciated.


Kopaka Uniter is cool and all, if you want two characters I suppose, but I personally like Master more. Up to you though!


I already have Master.