What should I call this viking Mini Mayhem? (Poll closed)

So here’s my latest creation that I have yet to name, I have some ideas for what the name should be but I can’t really decide upon which to use. The names I currently have are from Viking males from that time era.

The names I currently have and their meaning in Norse:
Sigismund = Protector of victory
Sigmund = Victories guard
Sverre = Troublemaker

Here you can vote for the names I’m thinking of using:

  • Sigismund
  • Sigmund
  • Sverre

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If you want to give your own example of a name then you can do that too.

Thanks in advance


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I voted for Sigmund, but Eron could work too.

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I said Severre just due to my love of troublemakers.

In truth, going by his current design, I have to say Sigmund looks like a good name.

(Also, holy crap! Another one! Shifter’ll love it, and I sure do myself!)


So since I posted this I’ve updated him a bit so here’s pictures.

The reason for the sudden change was that the Keetorange ■■■■■/clothing clashed to much with the rest of the moc. That’s why it is now orange

Here is just a more historically correct version of him, since vikings never had horns on their helmets #Hornsarejustamyth

Also thanks for all off your input, so far!

@KAI_BORG Yeah, the inspiration just came to me like that and now here’s Viking MM

@Miraku Yeah, Eron might work but looked up it’s meaning and it meant angel and this guy is far from being an angel. Thanks for your tip anyway!


I didn’t do any research for the name, just thought it was Viking-esque. As for the changes to the MOC, I like them, but if painting is an option, I would give the currently orange parts a more dulled tone.

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It’s fine, The name is actually from that time period and the research I did was mostly for fun.

Yeah, I’m not particularly fond of painting pieces and I don’t have all parts in red to at least change it to a darker tone, anyways painting them could probably work. Glad you liked the changes btw!

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