What should I do with spare Bionicle books?

I’ve been using eBay to complete my collection of the Bionicle chapter books recently, as I only owned about half of them before now. This mainly consists of me finding lots that are selling 10 or so books, only a few of which I actually want. I buy the whole lot, usually for a low enough price that I’m actually getting a bargain even considering that I’m only going to use fewer than half the books in the lot.

As a result, I’m going to have a lot of duplicate copies of these books by the time I’m done. I’ve only bought 3 books that are new to me so far, and already have a stack of a dozen duplicates

So… what should I do with them? I don’t really have any interest in reselling them myself, so I was going to donate them or give them away somehow, but the more I think about that, I can’t see any realistic ways for doing that. A toy store or something wouldn’t want them, as their main purpose is to promote toys that are no longer being sold. If I gave them to some kid, they would probably enjoy them, but then be disappointed when they found out they couldn’t buy the characters the in the book.

Any thoughts?

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Recycle them?

Give them to me ? :slight_smile:


Just kidding, go sell them.


If you don’t have any interest in reselling them, I suggest hanging on to them until you can find somebody who you know will enjoy them.

Either that, or you could always donate them to a local library.

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Burn them if you are cold during winter. Staying warm is essential.

Or use them as a fan later on during summer.

Or use them as toilet papper if you have non.

Or use them as a mug holder so as to not stain your desk.

Or use them as a colage paper for science fair stuff.

Or use them as paper where you can draw meme like jokes on the charactes on the pictures on the pages of the comics.

Or use them to sell them on the internet for higher profit.

Or give them to someone (preferebly me, or give to TeslaEffects library or the TeslaEffect Charity foundation).

Or use them as a chew toy for your pets.

Or use them as food (cause paper is fiber).

Or use them to create small comic book thingies for your bionicle figures.

Or use them to collect dust.

Or use them to clean dust.

Or use them to recycle paper.

Or use them for Youtube reasons.

Or use them for slaying your foes and bathing in the blood of your enemies. (paper cuts yo)

Or use them for world domination.

You know cause why not.


Re-selling is probably your best bet, or you could donate to charity.

Depending on the ones you have, and the permission of my parents, I’d actually be interest in buying off of you, since the only one I read as kid has been gone for a long time.

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Hang on to them for now until you find someone who can take good care of them

Eat them.

The rich mythos and characters will be rather appetizing.


If you can’t eat the pieces, might as well gorge on the next best thing I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t see any choking hazard.

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^ i was going to suggest this

i’m sure a library would gladly accept any books they didn’t have

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I’d be more than happy to take them off your hands…