What type/genre of music do you listen to most? Favorite artists?

Just curious which type of music is on average most listened to by the community here. smile

Currently, I'm all about that 90's gangsta rap....... cuz Wu-Tang Clan ain't nothin' to f' with.

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Classical. I really like listening to classical music.


Mostly Game soundtracks, and Jeff Williams.


After listening to Daft Punk's 'Random Access Memories', I was like "I like disco." And then I started looking up disco songs and I found out I don't actually like disco. It was just Daft Punk all along...


All sorts of things. Classical/symphonic, jazz, rock/pop, metal, folk, and various sub-genres thereof.

Elo all day everyday.


Me too, but I tend to stick to one or two genres for a few months to a couple of years at a time, and then I switch.

Two Steps from Hell. They are a cinematic orchestra that create music for trailers

I highly recommend the albums...







I use to like only Mr. Blue Sky, but I've come to appreciate them more in the past few years.

I don't judge much by genre or artist, as I do by individual songs.

Like, Eminem's a good artist, or rather...he was. Encore onward I despise, but most everything prior is pretty legit, as an example.

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I usually switch multiple times per day. stuck_out_tongue

@MaximumWarp ELO rocks! I love Eldorado.

@Nyran That's probably not a bad way to look at things. For me, genre is like a kind of shorthand to let me know how likely it is I'll enjoy something. I can still enjoy a few individual songs from genres I don't normally like, and sometimes I find really terrible stuff from genres I normally love.

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Well I've been listening to that free U2, and that's pretty good.


I listen to everything that sounds cool.
Pagan music, folk rock, metal, orchestrals, classic, jazz, rap, countrie and so on.

I usually listen to alternative rock, thanks to Cryoshell for starting me on that path.

I listen to a lot of soundtracks as well, and I guess a little glitch (an offshoot of dubstep that's like WAY better)

Amalgamations, woo.

Yes Cryoshell is awesome. : )

I listen to a lot of movie soundtracks. They evoke so much awe.


You pretty much just listed every album of theirs that was released in the past four years.

Which is the truth. I have to completely agree. TSFW is pretty great, although I do tend to listen to a lot of other trailer music type bands.

I'm actually listening to Xtortion Audio's Untouchable right now.

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Any of Yoko Kanno's work.

Also whatever genre Arcade Fire is. I'm guessing both alt and indie.

I stick with country and classic rock.

Instrumental versions of hard rock, metal, and electronic. (Not dubstep per se, but general electronic music.) I'm also a fan of epic scores with choirs in them.