... What was I thinking?

2000 years after the mysterious disappearance of the Toa Nuva, the world is under attack by aliens. Believing that the world needs a Tahu, The Great Being Akiyama Makuro attempts to make a new Tahu. Using parts from the failed HF experiment, Akiyama builds a robotic Tahu, but before he can implant the old Tahu's memories, the Tahu3k15 escapes, wreaking havoc on Spherus Magna. Now it is determined to find a way to get to Okoto and kill the real Tahu!

The TAHU3K15 has some memories from the various HF heroes and villains, but no memories of Tahu. It has limited control over fire; it escaped before Akiyama could perfect the design that would allow it Toa-level fire control. Instead of inspiring hope among the battle-weary Toa, Glatorian, and Heroes, it inspires despair.

This is... kinda a joke, kinda not. I was trying to create an innovative new MOC design for a non-BIONICLE related story of mine. I failed. Miserably.


Aaaaah aaaaaaaaah burn it, burn it down, kill it with fire!!!

In all seriousness this is an interesting original moc, Thi is what I feel a factory would look like if it was a red transformer


why did you think becoming a ROCKET was a Good idea?


Better than Hero Factory sets ironically



Would you want yo buy this? If it was regular toa master price (e.g Lewa's price)

This is actually pretty cool even though its design is strange!

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dat furno booty doe


I think the point when I decided to put that on might have been the exact moment I realized "This MOC will not end well, so let's just roll with it."


That's the most rectagular torso i've ever seen


what were you thinking...

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Well, I will say you've got some interesting parts usage...

I cannot properly express my opinion in words, so allow me to use a comparative visual aid.

this is from the original donkey kong for those that aren't aware.


You did not think. And in your ignorance you have unleashed a spawn that is incomprehensible. It's... It's... Mediocre. Not an atrocity, but far from a stellar MoC.


ALL HAIL THE GREAT RED BLOCK!!! He shall lead us into a glorious new age of MOCing!

This thing made my day, thanks for uploading it. :smile:

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The hardest part about it is the single color. It's difficult just to discern what's what when everything is Mata Red. In other words, do a Gali next, I love this disgusting thing.


maybe that's how the toa went to okoto

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More like The Great Red Brick

Get it?

'cause he's made out of Lego

And Lego's trademark is a brick

A red brick

I'll find the exit


You asked for it.
May I present: the GALI3K16

After the failure of the TAHU3K15, Akiyama Makuro didn't give up. Hoping to calm the Tahu robot down, Aki made a Gali robot. This time, he managed to input a personality chip, not noticing it was corrupted. Instead of calming the Tahu down, the GALI3K16 convinced the rouge Tahu to do more damage. Then it convinced the Water Toa, lightning Toa, and Psionics Toa to rise up in revolt against the Fire Toa's leadership.

Still, Akiyama didn't give up( but he probably should have. Digging through his files, he found the one personality chip that wasn't corrupted: Onua.

To be concluded.

(also: my mom is now mad at me for "ruining" Gali)


Mata Nui... this... it's even more beautiful than Tahu. I... there's no way I could ever be this artful.