What was the biggest risk you've ever taken?

Title says it all.



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I have no idea.


I didn’t take it because it was too expansive and i didnt care much, but i saw a giant Risk set. The board was like 5 meters long. Something that only a few elite fans would buy.

Now if you mean risk like doing something dangerous, then i haven’t taken too many risks. I did some relatively dangerous things but with (relatively) enough caution


I’m taking the biggest risk of my life right now… I am paying 200$ for a commission for my LEGO World Builder project, with no guarantee that it will pay off.


I’m planning a move halfway across the country, after very limited experience living outside my parents’ house, to work full time in an industry I have only had schooling experience for, managing my life in a different geographical and cultural environment, while dealing with mental health issues and an ongoing existential crisis about my purpose in life.

…when I put it on paper, I’m really don’t know if I should have said yes.


Which one is it?

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Computer science. Been quite difficult to find jobs the past few months, with it only getting better by the time I already had an offer.


joining the boards

i haven’t really taken any big risks yet
i am planning on moving across the country for college though, so that’ll be something

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Advertising is what makes people grow iam sure it will be fine.

@Willess12 Man I don’t even know how not to double post hope it’s it like a three strike thing.

I’ve got you beat iam triple posting cause I have no idea how to reply to multiple people at once lol

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That’s a pretty big risk, I doubt anyone else here is doing that.

That’s a pretty big risk, I doubt anyone else here is doing that.

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Thanks man meet help although I all that is still pretty far beyond beyond me lol

I’ve been there before, and I’ve got a bunch of friends who are willing to help out if I need a place to stay or something like that
so it shouldn’t be that bad, if all things go well :stuck_out_tongue:

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