What was the first BIONICLE system called?

I know its a pretty weird question, but i was wondering if anybody here knew what the classic bionicle building system (2001 - 2010) was actually called, if it even had a name.


It was just technic if I recall correctly.


well it was a subtheme of TECHNIC so I would say technic too.


I know the 2001 sets had technic on the packaging, but i always thought that after they removed that they considered it a separate system.

The Bionicle system was never named. It was just considered a Technic subtheme. However instead of primarily using the pin-beam construction that Technic sets used, Bionicle and its successor CCBS focused more on the ball and socket system that allowed for articulation and robust play. Since it has no name it is commonly referred to as the old (G1, old Bionicle) system or just Technic even though the latter is rather inaccurate.

My friends and I call it TBSS after Technic Ball and Socket System, but that is not the official term.


Oh okay, thanks guys. I always thought there was a separate name for it but i guess i was wrong :smiley:

Question answered.