what was the next set planned for bionicle?

i have being listening to lots of cryoshell
and was thinking of making a fan commercial as a project
i want to know what was going to be next if it didn’t end just to make it accurate

the inaccurate one was a civil war on spherus magna which i doubt happened

I can’t find the link, but fews sets that revolved around the Elemental Lord and Prehistoric Rahi were scrapped.

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ah… so the dinosaur comment i found on the youtube comment section was real i was on the fence and was thinking it was a rumor, could need more proof though

I saw official concept art somewhere, I just can’t remember where…

There were also plans for a Baterra set, if I recall correctly.

Yes, plans for them existed. From BS01’s Bota Magna page:

thank you
time to create a brainstorm on HOW

Outside the preliminary information of the Prehistoric Rahi and the Element Lords, there was some story potential that could’ve been fleshed out:

•Velika becoming a main villain
•The Chronicler’s Company becoming toa. (Kapura has shown efforts to use his dormant toa powers since 2001. In MNOG he’s in the ash forest trying to activate his mask powers.
•The revival of an extinct species
•Some characters had death foreshadowing or hints that weren’t finished.
•The actual use of the Vahi.