What was Your First Set / Experience with Bionicle

Please don't kill this topic modsquad. Anyway what was your first experience with bionicle how did you get into the line what was your first set

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I got Tanma and Radiak at the same time and they were my first sets, (thats why my self MOC wears that mask)
And I got many of the glatorian sets.
After around 2012 I got out of Mocing for a while, then a few years later around 2014 I started Mocing a lot and got back into the whole line. Specially with it coming back.

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Vakama Metru was my first set way back in 2004. Man that's like twelve years with BIONICLE now.

I'm old.

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while my first one was Zadakh (water vahki) i didnt really know it was a bionicle and the first set i truely experienced as bionicle which got me hooked into the story was Thok. i loved him as soon as i got him.

after i got thok i got obsessed. i got bionicle heroes, bought all the comics and all of the books. i had this friend group who had no idea and once i told them about it, the entire group became obssessed

all praise Thok the drifter

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My first set was Galva.

My first set was Pohatu Nuva, but my first experience with Bionicle was my neighbour, he had all the sets from 02-03 and little 3 year old Pek thought they were the coolest things ever, I'd go to his house all the time to play with them with him. Eventually I watched Mask of Light, and then got my first set.


I always remember my first set as Nuju Hordika, but I also had a Vahki Nuurahk. I dunno. It's weird, they're weird, but I like 'em.

My first set was Pohatu Mata back in the good old year of 2001.

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