What was your schooling? (Poll)

I feel like there are a unusually large supply of homeschooled users on here, and possibly in the bionicle community as a whole. I want to see the ratio, so get voting. You only get one vote, so do it for what you’ve done for the longest amount of time.

  • Public school
  • Home school
  • Private school
  • Other

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for some reason I feel like I’m about to be targeted

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me too @Winger, me too

picked other for being a college grad… why am I so old…


Regular school for the majority of my schooling, and online school for right now. Funnily enough, doing online school has caused an increased in both my grades and my mental health.


Are we counting charter schools as public schools? I mean it was just for high school but

I don’t really know what a charter school is.

@rainsong I’ll add graduate/out of school as an option. Edit: Nevermind, you can’t edit polls.

@BeginnerBonkleCollector I would’ve just put that as public.

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It’s fine, I don’t expect it to be a common response.

I did attend public school for most of my schooling but went to a few private schools as well.

Feel like you out to specify that this is for what you did in grade school. I’ve been in and out of college but I was homeschooled when I first joined the boards.

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I heavily considered that when I made this, and I’d still think about changing it. I just don’t know if it’s too late to go back now.

Charter school is public school but with a special “charter” like, my high school we only attended school for half a day and had extra homework to make up for it. They’re usually a bit better than public schools and a lot smaller, almost in between private and public.

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Where’s the poll option for “learned how to read from prequel memes?” :stuck_out_tongue:
(JK - maybe…)


I wouldn’t call learning to read an education. Prequel memes are pretty sophisticated though.


They are sophisticated to such a degree, that by comparison, virtually any other form of education is just so uncivilized.


I died from public education.


How did you come back?

Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise?


Is it possible to learn this power?

stop I just watched that movie again for the first time in a while and I’m still depressed