What was your toughest/ new Bionicle restoration Project you have done lately?

Hi I am das101 and I want to know what was your favorite,newest,or toughest Bionicle restoration build you have ever done. I really want to read these stories cause I think its very intresting to see what was your Bionicle restoration projects were like and challeges of doing the project. Well my toughest was doing the 8439 Manas(Which I'm still doing to this moment.)My favorite will have to be Toa Mata and My newest was Takanuva,and My toughest was the 2003 Makuta. REMEMBER IF YOU HAVE THE MASK YOU CAN DO IT.


What's a restoration build?

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I only rebuilt one set (Pohatu Phantoka) so...

Like you rebuilded like a old bionicle set

Except if you don't have essential pieces to rebuild it or don't have the right colour. I've been trying to rebuild old sets, but I don't want to take apart any of my current MOCs. Fortunitely, I got plenty of old sets from second hand shops, so I have more parts to put in rebuilding things. I have already rebuilt plenty of Rahi combiners (Ghekula, Waikiru, Keras Crab), as I don't mind if I don't have the right colours, because with Rahi, colours don't matter.

But with iconic characters like Rahkshi, Bohrok, or Toa, if I don't have the right colour, I won't rebuild it. Right now, i'm aiming to build canonized fan-made rahi, like the Razor Whale, or Metru Mantis. Finding instructions are a pain though.

Also, I am going through a balljoint drought, and since most 01 - 03 rahi use balljoints in some way, i'm stuck.

I'll throw in some pics later if anyone is interested in seeing my rebuilt sets...


Yea I feel the same way I am trying to find a lot of the main pieces of the Manas crabs,but if I cant then I will have to purchase pieces from bricklink.

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Nothing is tough because I seem to have memorized the builds for most if not all of my sets stuck_out_tongue

I rebuilt my entire collection of 12 or so BIONICLE sets out of my MOCs at the end of 2010... and that's really the only time I've done that, so I don't know.


Here are all of my rebuilt sets/combiners. They sit proudly on my shelves alongside my MOCs.


I underwent a bit of a large restoration project in 2010 after the Stars came out, with the power of spare parts, old instructions, a computer, and super glue. The fruits borne from that project were the reconstructions of Jaller Inika and Mahri, Matoro Inika (minus the sword), Hahli Inika, Kongu Inika and Mahri, Hakann, Zaktan, Pridak, Carapar, Dekar, the two hydruka, and the Piraka Outpost. All my other sets you guys may have seen were ones I bought later or actually managed to keep up other the years without breaking them down once (i.e. Onua Mistika, Gali Mistika, Klakk, Lava Chamber Gate, all my 2009 sets).


I tried using super glue on broken sockets. Resulted in a mess and the cracked socket only got worse. :pensive:

Gotta say, your reconstruction work is impressive. Did you take apart most of your MOCs to rebuild them? Because my rule of thumb is that MOCs are a higher priority than rebuilding sets; wouldn't completely take apart a MOC just to rebuild a set or two.

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I only needed it to reattach the balljoint to a black Inika upper torso piece (for Carapar). I'm actually surprised it worked as well as it did.

Yep, but we're talking about stuff I built when I was 11, so it wasn't much of a loss.

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I once tried to reconstruct my collection

Didn't get very far laughing


Also, I forgot to mention I also rebuilt Vezon. Not Fenrakk, just Vezon.


Was it due to a lack of pieces or a lack of passion? :stuck_out_tongue:

^ this


I rebuilt all 4 of my sets, then took them back apart for mocs.


My entire basement has pretty much been dominated by rebuilding bionicles I have rebuilt most of the vahki and rahkshi (though the krata remain elusive),the toa mata (except lewa and kopaka) a whole bunch of others too.

The only reason I've even tried to do what I have is my MOCs (until recently) were totally horrendous abominations that should be burned at the stake.

edit: I just realized i said Krana instead of Krata.

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I want a Razor whale now.


I revamped all of my BIONICLE Stars sets. I lost them though, sadly.